daylilyladyJanuary 27, 2007

I'm a constant muncher. When I'm at the computer or studying I like to have a little something to nibble on. Any suggestions? Any WW suggestions for munchies?

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Hi -- do you do core or flex? I do core so my favorites are an apple (which I NEVER ate before!) baby carrots and air-popped popcorn.

Some people like the WW pretzels or the baby rice cakes.


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DL and Clink, I love the WW's pretzels they have saved me several times when I crave salt. They make them plain and honey mustard I buy both. I also buy a big box of the pre pkged 100 calorie snacks that CostCo sells, not sure what brand. Most companies are selling 100 cal snacks. Yesterday at CURVES we got sample bags of goodies and one of them was yummmy and only 90 cals. Quaker makes them and they are called Mini Delights, it was little tiny tiny rice cakes drizzled with chocolate :) I liked them alot I like to carry things like that in my purse while cruising the mall or going to tea with my pals.

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You dont even have to go to airpopped popcorn. The jolly time healthy version is tasty too!

I also like carrots but for some reason with my diverticulosis they hurt me badly.

Today I have red grapes on my desk for when I get the munchies later.

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Thanks for suggestions everyone, I'm definitely going to go the airpopped popped corn route. I have to be really careful and watch my salt. I have hypertension and have just gotten my BP down but would like to see it come down a little more. I go to the doc's tomorrow to see how much I lost and BP check. At this point, because the weather is so cold, I like to swim. My DH took out a family membership at the YMCA and I swim laps for 30 minutes. BTW, Feb. 2007 Reader's Digest has a story of Gary Heavin who started CURVES. Very interesting read :)

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