LOOKING for: Homemade cake mix and frosting

faye8November 26, 2003

My nephew has requested a Pig-picking cake for the weekend. I have not made one in ages, but he remembers it from his childhood, so I am in the process of making it. It has been so long since I used a cake mix and I do not like the artifical smell. Was wondering if anyone knows of a homemade cake mix, maybe something I could keep in the freezer for times like these. I have seen biscuit mixes but not cake mixes.

The store bought cake mix cake is in the oven. Now I have to make the frosting---Cool Whip, jelli vanilla pudding and crushed pineapple. I can take the Cool Whip and pineapple, but the vanilla pudding has to go. Any ideas for a good pineapple frosting.

Of course, it probably needs to be as he remembers, but I would like to try the "homemade" version in the future.



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Here is one I found.
If you type 'homemade cake mix' into a search engine you get a lot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Homemade cake mix

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If you don't want to use pudding, you could whip cream stiffly with a little sugar & vanilla & fold in drained pineapple.

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Thanks, the cake mix looks great, just what I was wondering about. I don't bake much so definitely the freezer. Ginger, thanks whipped cream and pineapple would have been so much better. But I was in a hurry and used half the package of pudding (ugh!). Anyway, hope my nephew likes it and that it tastes like he remembers. Next time, though I am going to use real cream and omit the pudding.

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