HCG Mixing

alaska57January 8, 2010

I have been using HCG for about 50 days and lost about 38 pounds.I recenly ordered the stuff myself on line but I am a little confused. The empty vials hold about 10ml full of liquid. They weren't marked so I tested one. The hcg I ordered came in a small box with 2 vials..1 hcg 10,000 IU and the other withwater. I also ordered 6 10ml containers of biostatic water and a box of ampules and several 10ml/18gauge needles for mixing. are ml and 10IU the same? How many .03ml injections should I get out of these vials once I mix them?

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OK,I'm going to try to answer some of your questions and I'm going to recommend you go to a website that has a mixing guide.First,10ml and 10IU are not the same thing.10ml is a measurementof volume and 10IU is the amount of hcg/strength of hcg when mixed.According to the mixing list I have,if you have a 10,000iu bottle of hcg and you want to use the dosage of 200iu/day,you would mix 25cc of water with the 10,000iu of hcg.This would give you enough hcg for 50 days using 0.5cc/day.Again,I would tell you to read up on the mixing so you know what you are doing.I've done this diet once and loved the results.I'm on my second course and am having great results.I do stick strictly to the protocal by Dr.Simeon and have had no real problems with hunger.I do get tempted when I watch others eating food I can't have.I avoid that as much as possible.I know the difference between hunger and desire.I'm on my second round of 20 days and so far I've lost 7lbs.in 3 days.So I know it works.It's just learning all the stuff you need to know to do it.I hope this helps.Good Luck.Keep me posted on how you do.

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I found a good site to get HCG supplies and it also gives mixing information.


Here is a link that might be useful: HCG Simple

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I'm now on day 14 and I've lost 14lbs so far.It's not been all at a lb a day.I've lost 3lbs added 1lb then lost.4lbs,etc.I try not to fixate on my no loss or gain days and just keep going.Being busy at work helps.I do the strict 500 cal. Simeon protocol and the one time I added anything different in food Ishowed a gain the next day.So, how many calories are you doing?Also' I get my HCG from pharmacyescrow.com.I've gotten great service from them and I guess their rates are fair as I don't know of any other source.I have had no problems ordering from them.Let me know how it's going for you.Good luck.

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