Diet pals new thread..9th-15th

kathy_January 11, 2005

Well I swore I would not start a new thread and here I go..

changing the date.

I know what a tomatillo is but the local store did not have them - will check out Wal-mart in an area with more ethnic shoppers. Thanks to whoever posted that link! (Would forget my head if it was not attached to my neck :)

Still "tweaking" my diet and making it my own. Bought a bag of Dark chocolate Hershey kisses - 9 of them has 240 calories. Supposedly loaded with antioxidants. They will be an occassional treat unless they start singing and then they will be gone. Didn't someone here eat Hershey kisses?

Eight days down - no slip-ups.

How are you doing?


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Kathy, I don't care who starts the weekly thread. I'm just happy to see the Diet Pals thread up and running again. Wonder how Quiltingbunny is.

I had such insomnia I ended up sleeping through Monday. My shoulder is now without pain but my bicep muscle spasms and awakens me. Then I can't get back to sleep. Can't wait to see the physical therapist.

I like using Hershey Kisses as a treat too. I count out 3 a day. I was doing really good and then DH brought home an Enterman's Louisiana Crunch cake. Arrrgh. Achocolate cake I can leave alone but this one.........

It's still rainstorming here so I haven't gotten out to walk. I don't mind the rain but I hate the wind. When I get cold, I stay cold. Forget about dressing to hold body heat. I HAVE NO BODY HEAT. Don't know how people survive in the really cold climates.

It's almost 2:00 AM her and I'm sitting here trying not to snack. Needs something healthy after all that cake but my mind is wrapped around carbs. UGH

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W.C. I understand about the not sleeping - notice what time I was up too. When I don't feel full I have trouble sleeping a few days and then crash. Hope your pain/spasms are soon gone for good. Step away from that cake or at least count calories or points today and count every one. Wish I had done that in cookie season.

I went outside this morning and raked and burned leaves in the dark! It is illegal to burn here never mind the farmers can spread manure all around my house and pollute the well.
Grand finale of Biggest Loser is on tv tonight - it is worth checking out how much weight those people lost.

Breakfast this morning was a treat - 2 eggs with ff cheese on them. I make myself wait until 8 to eat.

Rainy here too - sigh - another reason the leaves were burned early.

Someone on the KT asked me what kind of steamer I had so I looked it up and found this good deal on it. Newer models have a digital timer but are a lot more money.

Stay strong today. Summer is coming and you may need a new bikini - lol!


Here is a link that might be useful: steamer

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WildChild, you poor baby!! I hope your sleep pattern gets turned back around. I know from experience just how frustrating that can be. How is EVERYTHING ELSE?? thinking of you...

Kathy, I steam or grill or stir fry almost all of our veggies. I use a little metal basket steamer in a covered pot.

I am sticking to my food plan without a problem. I have been really good at drinking the water too. I love plain Seltzer and have been drinking mostly that.

I don't like measuring everything but I don't like the "eat till your full" method either. I have learned to eyeball what a serving is and this works much better for me. Also, using, I have been planning my menu for the day early AM, then updating it at days end in case I've had to make any changes.

Everybody stay well, stay strong!


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Hi All,

Wildchild, there is nothing worse than not being able to get a good nights sleep. Hope you're feeling better.

Kathy...believe me when I say My Bikini Days have been gone for many many years. LOL

Tikanas sounds like you're right on track. I wish I could drink more water per day. It's just hard for me to do. I do pretty well when I use a straw, but most of the time I don't even do that.

DH and I had supper at Wendys tonight. I had a grilled chicken sandwich (without sauce), a baked potato(plain), and iced tea. They will finally substitute a baked potato for fries. YIPPEEE! I could live on baked potatoes.

Stay strong everyone!!


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Good afternoon ladies...
Today was supposed to be sunny and warm so what do we get - rain and clouds! Not a heavy rain but not the promised sunshine either. I had plans to shampoo carpet but had a call and my cousin wanted to burn some old files for her business. Did that so my work did not get done.
Scale slider is slowly easing to the left and I wanted it off yesterday - patience!
Hubby will have spaghetti and meatballs for supper. I will have leftover chicken and will cook only enough spaghetti noodles for him.
Tonight I'm going to a showing of a local history documentary at a lady's house. May need to put some of those dark chocolate kisses in my pocket because I have a feeling snacks will be there.
Pam I never wore a bikini and never will. Well maybe I had one when I was 5. I was a fat teen. Lost all the weight in my 20's (Weight Watchers) and gained it all back in my 30's and 40's plus another 50. No bikini for me but a size smaller would make me happy for now.
Wendy's has the right idea. I usually just have a chili there - a small is 200 calories and filling. We don't have one in my town but there is one coming next year about 5 miles from here - can't wait! Wendy's has a flyer with nutritional info in the restaurants. Of course the spicy chicken I crave is one of the nonos.
Tikanas I read what the WW Core program said and it says to eat until your physical hunger is satisfied. I am finding out that it takes a smaller amount to "fill" me than I once thought. I can outeat a trucker at a buffet!
Well when I get through today - day 10! Going to make it without a slipup until Valentines Day. Take my hand and we'll do this... one day at a time!

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Hi everyone,

Today is day 14 since I began my "healthy lifestyle". I'm still doing good. I don't know for sure that it's the reason, but I think that since I'm getting more sleep it's easier for me to ignore the junk food that's always at work. There have been two recent studies that showed that people who get a good night's sleep are less likely to be overweight; that's on top of other studies that have shown that people who get enough sleep usually live longer than those who don't. I used to never get enough sleep and always felt sleep deprived, but I've decided I will sleep at least 7 1/2 hrs a night. Fortunately I have a job where I can go in when I want, so for the last couple days I've gone in 2 hrs later than usual (of course I usually get to work at 5 and work 11 hours; I cut back to 9 everyday this week).

I've also cut out the caffeine. I was a diet Dr. Pepper fanatic, drinking 4 to 6 cans a day. I think the caffeine made me more jittery which made me want to eat more, plus it caused me to not sleep so well.

I've exercized at least 6 days a week, walking 5 days a week with my friend at work for 50 minutes. We've had good walking weather here every day, but when it isn't nice outside we will walk around (and around and around) on the next to top floor our the parking garage.

My hope (goal) is to lose one clothing size by Valentines day, another size by my birthday (late April), another size by July 4th, and one more size by Labor Day. Then I'll be where I want to be, which is a size I was when I got married, and which I've gotten back to several times, but the last time was from Fall 1997 to Summer 1998.


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I don't know about the caffeine but sometimes I think the nutrasweet makes me crave sweets and salty snacks even more than if I had a glass of tea or water.

My goal this week has been to drink more decaf tea at work, versus diet soda and coffee. I have heard tea is better for you, and since it's decaf, it is not harmful, that's for sure. It stays chilly in the office, so it is nice to drink something warm for a change.

Other goal met: Packing healthier morning snacks for DD to take to school.
Old snack:
PBJ on wheat
Bag of Ritz crackers
Fruit Loop Bar
A cheeze/cracker pack in case she's hungry later

New snack:
PBJ on wheat
Sliced apples
Carrots and ranch dip.

Guess what? She is less STARVING in the afternoon now when I pick her up at school. In the past, she would be ravenous and could eat a horse. I think it is the quality of the calories, not the quantity, that has helped!

I haven't even had to put a "just-in-case" snack in there because she is satisfied.

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Alice you are doing great!
Well so am I but know what I think? I am on a big plateau. Not losing an ounce and keeping under 1200 calories every day. Clothes are looser though so something is changing.
TREKaren - isn't that amazing about your daughter not being as hungry? Guess it's the fiber.
Well I had a heck of a scare today. Hard to put this delicately. I ate 4 dark chocolate kisses this afternoon. Right away I got pains in my stomach and headed to the toidy. I went to flush and saw the toidy was just full of blood! My head spun and I thought for sure I was dying and then remembered the huge bowl of diet cherry jello I had eaten earlier. I guess the dye went right through too. Oh gosh - only me....
Well I am organizing and cleaning like a nut so if I go now at least no one will say my house was dirty!
My "I am not eating bread" ended this evening with a home made half a sub (hoagie). Mmm mmm. And it was white bread too. Calories were OK though.
My sleep is still messed up - slept 5 hours last night so I am about a half hour away from reading in bed so I relax and go to sleep.
Anybody recommend any good non-fiction (true) books?
Nightynight. Kathy

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' Night Kathy...: )

I just ordered The Bandit Queen Of India from the library. It's non fiction and sounds fascinating. I am starting a biography on Ben Franklin which looks good too.

I have had NO appetite at all today but now I am starving!
Grilled Garlic Cod, Spinach Salad w/ Grilled Onions and a Veg. Soup are on the menu for tonight. All veggies fresh from our own garden. We grow almost all of our own produce.

Alice, good job!

Trekaren, Nice snack choices for DD!


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Goodevening Ladies,

Alice, sending you lot's of weight-loss-vibes your way. I just know you will meet your goals. Good-luck!!

TREKaren, it's a good idea to start your young one on a good healthy life style early. Hopefully, she will be more apt to stick with it her entire life.

Kathy, how long have you been stuck on your plateau? Sometimes I think it's better not to step on the scales.

Tikanas, I wish I could sit and read a good book like you ladies. I can't stay awake long enough. When I sit down for the evening, well....I swear they put a sleeping potion in my chair when they built it. When I go to bed at night, DH say's I have two snores in before my head hits the pillow.

Today was a good day. I held tight to my healthy diet, and worked out for 55 minutes. I know I should never wish away time...but I am certainly ready for spring! Told DH I would love to have a new bike for my birthday. (March). Can't wait.

Best wishes to all.....


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LOL I can't tell you how freaked out I was the one time I fed DD (who was still in pullups at the time) Blues Clues blue apple sauce. (sounds gross but she liked it).

That was the strangest site in a diaper you EVER SAW!!!

(I never bought any food product dyed blue after that)

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Happy Friday!

I weighed in yesterday and was down 1 1/2 pounds for the week. Not bad....but I'm going back to Flex. I like counting the points and feel I'll do better eating what I like in moderation.

This week, I'll still buy foods contained in CORE, but I won't have to worry about the times I eat out. DH and I have dinner out at least 2-3 per week. We just enjoy meeting friends and letting someone else do the cooking and cleanup. Since we both work and take breakfast and lunch with us, I feel we deserve it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe weekend.

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Oh I guess I SHOULD weigh myself, shouldn't I?

I will check my progress tonight. I'm going horseback riding - DD takes English saddle riding on Sunday's, and they offer adult riding classes on Friday's. DD wants me to go so today is the day she nagged me into going! And it's gonna be c-c-c-old and windy, too. Sigh.

I might lose a pound from shivering!

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Oh TREKaren I would love to take riding lessons again but when I did I would be scared sick until I was on the horse and then would be OK when the instructor told me what to do. I was thrown off once (my horse) and hit my tailbone and was in pain a long time. Another time I dropped a rein (another horse of mine) and the horse took off and I fell off and that was about the time I quit buying horses. I bought 2 ponies and carts and thought that would be safer and for me it was but then I met a man whose pony took him and a cart over a stone fence and he had the nastiest broken arm I ever saw. I miss my ponies - it was fun taking them in parades.
One of my proudest moments was when the instructor pulled everyone into the center of the ring except me and the chestnut mare I was riding. Then she told the others to watch me posting because it was absolutely perfect.
Oh my about the Blues poo. *G*
Pam I read very fast - I wish I could sew!
Thanks for the book recommendation Tikanas. Both sound interesting. I was a weird kid (no comments - lol) and would read biographies. If it's not true it seems like a waste of time to me.
If you want a good sleep read the diaries of Lewis and Clark. Knocks me right out. Hmm maybe it's time to read it again.
Dee Marie good for you figuring out what works for you. That is the secret to living on a diet isn't it?
I guess I have dropped a little weight since last Friday but when I am 100% I usually lose between 3-4 pounds. Would be pushing if I lost half that this week. No patience...
I am heading out of town tomorrow-Monday. My calorie count book is going in the truck too.
New mattress and box springs delivered today! Whoohoo! I am famous for finding everything barely used but the king size bed set never appeared and I have looked for 2 years. So this is a belated Christmas gift to us.
Bye all - talk to you Monday

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Hi everyone. Went to the doctor yesterday and had double good news. My should is healing nicely so I'll start physical therapy as soon as I can get in. Best of all the dr.'s scale showed a 3 lb loss in the two weeks. That means I've been doing better than I thought. Yippee

Looks like everyone is doing well.

Welcome back TREKaren.

Kathy, perhaps the new bed will help you sleep better. Have a safe trip.

Well, tomorrow I am going to be donning my red hat and purple sweater. I will be attending my first Red Hat Society meeting. Don't know a soul there and hope to make some new interesting friends.

I'll post about it all later. Good luck to everyone.

Tikanas, I promise I will call or email ASAP. Time just keeps geting away from me. Things are quiet but busy.

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We didn't get to ride. The flooding rains Thursday left the ring a mud pit. But we met up anyway at the barn, and drove to another farm to look at some thoroughbreds they had for sale. They were some beautiful horses, but need a whole lot of training, as they are former racetrack horses, and don't know how to trot or follow directions very well. They tend to click their heels as they trot, because they only know two speeds, stop and full run. They cantored nicely, though, but our instructor decided not to buy any of them just yet. One was fresh off the trailer, from the racetrack and might end up being a really good horse for someone, but needs a little time to get acclimated.

Ate pretty much ok yesterday and so far today!

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