RECIPE: Help with Biscotti icing

shirleywny5November 25, 2007

I made a chocolate walnut and a cranberry almond biscotti to take to a bake sale. I want dark chocolate icing on the cranberry and white on the chocolate biscotti. What type of melting chocolate would be best. How should I melt it? I won't be dipping but just brushing it on top.

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Chocolate Frosting for Biscotti

1 Cup chocolate chips
2 Tablespoons Butter
1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar, sifted
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
In a heavy, small saucepan heat chocolate and butter over low flame until melted. Stir often. Remove from heat & add powdered sugar and vanilla, whisk well.

Frost Biscotti. For a design, run a fork over the frosting while it's soft. Let stand until chocolate is set. Keeps well in an airtight container.


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Forgot to mention that you could do the melting in a microwave in a mw proof bowl. You could use the same recipe but change out for white chips & it'll be fine.
The chocolate may start firm up before you complete frosting your cookies, by placing the saucepan above the heat source but not touching, you don't want to burn the chocolate, or just for a moment in the MW. I made this chocolate frosting for my cream puffs today. yum..

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Thank you for the help. I was going to buy Merkens waffers. If regular chips will work, I'll go that route as I already have the chips.

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I just melt chocolate chips in the microwave. But I dip...I find if I get it liquid enough to brush it doesn't get really hard again.
Someone I know used to go to all the stores after easter and buy up the white chocolate bunnys to make Christmas candies...but she said the regular chocolate awsn't good enough quality.
Linda C

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I usually like almond bark for coating things better than the white chip thing. To me almond bark tastes more like frosting. Plus, I think it tends to melt smoother, hold up better, set better and even usually taste better... but it's probably just me. I just don't really like most white chocolate, especially most white chips.

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I ended up buying Nestles white chips and they wouldn't melt worth a darn. I finally bought candy making milk chocolate and it worked out great. I melted it in a coffee mug and just dipped the biscotti. I made peanut cluster with what was left in the cup.

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I love the Merkens wafers! I've made molds and used it for dipping for years. My favorite is the dark chocolate, and everyone who has received gifts of it loves it. I melt it by filling a small glass bowl and placing it in the electric skillet set on the LOWEST heat setting. It doesn't burn or scorch and stays creamy-melted for as long as I leave it on the heat.

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