barb_from_paDecember 9, 2008

How long does it take to make the Moravian stars? I need to make 60 ornaments. Thanks!

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FlamingO in AR

Well, first you'll have to cut (8) 1/2" strips of paper for each one, Barb. Do you have a paper cutter, like scrapbookers use? That makes it easy. I think I was cutting 4 pages at a time, into strips, lengthwise.

Then you have to tape them together because you need 4 strips for each star. I used a clipboard to help me with that, you don't want the tape to hang over the edge, so use 1/2" tape.

Then to fold each star- probably about 10 minutes or so, it's not too bad, I usually just did a couple a night, but one night I did 10 of them with no trouble, other than the fact that I really wasn't having fun doing them. lol

I laid them in a box to spray on the glitter, let dry, flipped and sprayed again. Just minutes. Do this outside!

Stringing the crystal and beads- about 2 minutes each, attaching them to an eye wire, another couple of minutes, tying on the ribbon, just a few seconds.

I guess altogether, about 20-25 minutes, each. I made 24. Honestly, I don't think I would enjoy doing 60 of them, I didn't really have that much fun doing these, even after I got fairly good at folding them, but that doesn't mean YOU wouldn't like it.

If you decide to do them, let me know, I have a helpful tip that I figured out about halfway thru my 24. lol

Oh, you could save a lot of time if you left off the dangle and used a needle to thread a string on, just put a big knot at the bottom where my dangle is.

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Thanks! We decided on a different ornament to make for our students ('cause we found about 16 leftover from another year), but I still want to make some for some other folks. I probably won't do the dangle. So I need 4 22-inch long, 1/2 inch wide pieces of paper for each star, is that right? I do have a paper cutter. Thought maybe I could work on them in the evening watching TV. I figure once I do a couple, I should get the hang of it. (maybe?) Please bring on the helpful tip and thanks for answering me.

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FlamingO in AR

Yes, you have everything right, Barb. 22" long is actually a bit too long, but it's easier to have some extra to work with. And my tip isn't really a good one, after re-reading instructions I find that it's in there, but when you're doing the "fun part", the 3-D parts of the stars, I was going around it counterclockwise when I should have been going the other way. I was getting in my own way and having trouble making nice, rounded star point things. You'll see what I mean when you're doing it.

This is part one of a video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1b_kms4ICM The part I'm talking about is in part 2, link below.

When you tape the pieces together (sometimes I taped a blue to a green, yellow to orange, etc) you don't want to fold them in half right at the taped joint, it'll get sliced when you're pulling the paper thru, so offset it from the fold just a bit, like 1/4" or less. And trim your tips on both sides, not like the video, see how she has trouble? Trim both sides so it's long and pointy and you'll find it works much better. Like here- http://highhopes.com/3dstar.html Also, hide the tape inside the first fold, see picture C? Where the numbers are on the paper, that's where your taped joint should be, so it gets covered up by step D.

The first one you make will feel really awkward, but by the 2nd or 3rd, you'll figure out what to do to make them easier and your fingers will start to cooperate better. :) Have fun, ask if you have more questions!

Here is a link that might be useful: She does it the right way in this video.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to help me, Flamey!

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FlamingO in AR

You're welcome, Barb. Have fun and post pictures of both your ornaments, OK?

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