Snowman Jars

kudzukweenDecember 8, 2008

These are cute. Made from old medicine bottles and one is from a Starbucks coffee drink.

You need bottles or jars with a narrow neck, styrofoam balls, and trims. So easy my 5 year old grandson made one.

Check out photos on my blog.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Kudzu, your's turned out cuter than the original ones you saw. Love the one with the feathers. ;o) Luvs

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Would you believe I just threw some of those old light green bottle out...I don't have room for all the junk I used to drag home from my old auction days....and I was doing a major house cleaning for Thanksgiving and toss a couple of them....But I did find one more in the maybe I'll get one for myself ...LOL

I probably have some of those doilies stuffed somewhere too.

that might look cute on a body made of one of those clear glass ornaments filled with tiny stars and that clear sparkly "snow" glitter....You could use a smaller styrofoam ball and just cut a piece of an old crocheted piece to cover the head. And use teeny baby buttons for the eyes and mouth.

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Thanks Ya'll!
The same thing happens to me...right after I get rid of something, I see the best uses for them :D I found another package of paper doilies at a yard sale, I think I'm going to cut them up and glue them on!
Hoss finally found something to clean the sticky stuff off the Starbucks bottles where the labels were......W-D 40! So I washed out 5 or so of those bottles for the grandchildren to make some snowmen. We plan on decorating the tree today or tomorrow, and I'll have some crafts ready for them to make!
Great ideas! I'm pretty sure I have a few buttons left after my button bracelet binge :D My daughter suggested using some of the brads for eyes and mouth, too, some are in antique finishes and will look pretty! And I'm painting some more straight pins with glass heads black, those were neat and looked so nice!
I wish I could find some clear ornaments, my stores are always out. I'll bet those are going to be so pretty!
Wish us luck making some pretties! The dogs are gonna wind up with glue and glitter on them!

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