RECIPE: About Ann's shortbreads

lindacOctober 15, 2003

How long do they the breakage rate fairly low?...

I'm thinking of abandoning my traditional hazelnut biscotti as "kitchen gifts" in favor of these. I know there will be a lot of disappointed "scotti" lovers......but maybe something new is in order.

What do you all do for a "kitchen gift"....not the kind of basket of goodies thing...but the little take to a friend gift?

For years I have bought inexpensive glass jars and filled them with biscotti. Last year I made some compilations of music from my collection of Christmas CD's....and gave a jar of home made jelly....and a few said..."you didn't make biscotti this year?"....LOL!

I got the hint!

So.....what does everyone else do?

Linda C

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Linda, They keep well and they also freeze well. In fact if I make them for Christmas I have to freeze them or they will get devoured quickly. I would say that the breakage rate is pretty low.

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I make English Toffee - it's fairly easy, one batch makes a lot, and everybody loves it.

Windsor, CA

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I'm thinking of makinf Sylvia's peabut brittle -- like Becky, because it's easy to make a lot of and is delish.

Becky, how do you wrap your toffee for gifts?

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I make spiced pecan halves and package them in baby food jars with fabric on the lids.

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Rider, I just made a batch of that microwave brittle yesterday. This time I used pecan halves, roasted them first in the oven. Came out well. I am working on pushing the envelope of how much nuts I can cram in without the brittle falling apart, I'm up to 1 1/2 cups.

Linda, I usually make biscotti, and then include homemade jellies. I like the spiced pecan halves idea.

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Sylvia, I assume I should use unsalted peanuts rather than salted?

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I often give a couple of small loaves of quick bread with a fruit & nut cream cheese. Or a Christmas tin of dates stuffed with walnuts & rolled in sugar along with homemade Penuche , fudge or spiced nuts.

Just before Christmas Dunkin Donuts puts their ground coffee on sale @ 1/2 price & I usually buy a few to give wth my cookie trays.

Last year I gave fancy Sundae dishes with 4 different homemade ice cream toppings to all the kids' families.
This year the families are getting jars of 4 different chutneys--Renee's Plum Cranberry, Fresh Tomato, Christmas
Chutney & an Apple chutney ; along with a set of those short wide bladed spreading knives that I don't know the name of.


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