LOOKING for: Caramel apples and easy caramel

linnea56October 20, 2008

Once again itÂs fall and my daughter is asking for caramel apples. I tried the unwrapping the Kraft caramels version but those to me donÂt have the right texture, or much flavor, for that matter. I have a good from-scratch caramel recipe but it takes literally hours from cooking the white sugar base on down. Anyone have a simpler recipe? I read somewhere that sweetened condensed milk make a good base for a caramel recipe but I donÂt know the details. Thanks!

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I didn't try it but I might do so after seeing this recipe & the reviews.

Here is a link that might be useful: Apples

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This looks like a good caramel. ItÂs similar to my other recipe in that it takes a long cooking time with constant stirring (I need one of those automatic stirring thingies!). The sweetened condensed milk seems to cut 20 minutes off the time compared to my T&T recipe. IÂm still hoping to find something that does not take standing at the stove constantly. The reviewers often commented on how they walked away and a batch was ruined. (when it comes to candy "constant stirring" means constant stirring.)I could still do this one some day when I have a marathon cooking session planned anyway. Thanks! Keep Âem coming! We can all use a good caramel apple.

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I forget where I got this recipe (I think the CF), but it is a good one for making caramels. Not sure how it would work for caramel apples, but the candies are good and so easy! Yes, a microwave!

Here is a link that might be useful: microwave caramels

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ginger St. Thomas receipe is 1 I've used for more than 20 yrs. Only mine says to melt butter in heavy pan-I use my 4 qt Presto pressure cooker bottom for all candy very heavy pan, much less likely to burn. Anyway melt butter add sugar until disolved, add Karo mix & stir over med. heat until it starts to boil. Add the Eagle Brand milk slowly while stirring so it continues to boil (won't sugar this way) stir & cook to soft ball stage 238% remove from heat add vanilla (& nuts if making candy) This takes about 8-10 minutes If candy pour into buttered 8 in. square glass dish(I don't use metal pans as candy sometimes continues "cooking" especially toffee gets too dark. (I make 8-10 kinds of candy each xmas as gifts for friends) If making carmel apples twirl in carmel. This candy freezes well after you wrap the squares. It is not a hard carmel like Kraft. I tried several receipes & this is best!! So just change the directions & you will have a nice carmel, it is soft so you can get all the apples done- no worry it will set up too fast. If apples don't set up refrigerate until set.

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