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concretenprimrosesDecember 10, 2011

You may remember that I talked my friend down the street into hosting a craft boutique in her home.

It was today, and it was great!

I was so afraid that no one would come. But I estimate about 60 people. (But to get that we invited hundreds.) We sold $1250 amongst all of us, plus the baklava and coffee lady made $80 (and she spent a lot more.)

I sold 14 plate flowers and 11 shabby 'shroom ornaments and 5 or 6 brooches. My take: $311. Of course I spent more than half that, lol. I gave my friend (the hostess) $25 instead of $15 because I had so much more stuff than most and took up more room. Most people did pretty well.

The handmade baskets didn't sell which is too bad because they were beautiful. I bought one of the less expensive ones ($35). I like the basket a lot, and as one of the organizers I felt bad that she didn't sell anything. I guess it is a sympathy buy. Irregardless Im sure I'll enjoy it very much.

I have to say tho that it is difficult to be an organizer AND a participant. I decided to make the shabby shrooms and the brooches partly because I was worried that there wouldn't be enough variety to make the show interesting. So I ended up really running around like crazy finishing up both for myself and for the show in the last couple of days.

This is partly my fault because I need to pace myself better.

Most important, it was fun. And it was good for my friend who is going through a rather terrible divorce. She had a good time playing hostess and having people around her.

I still have way too many plate flowers. and my house is a WRECK! Gotta clean and put away things tomorrow.


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Thank you for all the helpful suggestions when we were planning this more than a month ago!!

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Great report on the salesand you are right...being a vendor AND manager is really hard... Good for you,sweetie!!

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I'm happy to hear it went well for you. It's always fulfilling when a project turns out well.

I would recommend writing up some notes for next year's event. Make a list of how many vendors you had, number of tables, what sold, what didn't, what worked and what didn't and any ideas for next year including best weekends, etc. You need to start thinking about what product expansion you can have because you'll want to have new things to encourage people to come back every year.

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What a nice report nothing so discouraging to hear that a sale fell short

and a good idea to support your fellow sellers too.

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Rose hung on embroidery cotton with a button to hide the knot. $6

Red and white paired with a little German spun cotton shroom on an aged clothespin. $7

Same as above only pink:

the pink ones weren't quite as popular as the other 2.

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Glad you had a good time & things went well. They are right in saying to plan ahead for next year & make up list of things you should or shouldn't do. Did 1 person take money or did you each handle your own sales. That can be dicey! The basket lady might do better on esty as doubt too many make baskets these days! Jan

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