Fleece Scarves

Xstbug_MDDecember 19, 2004

I am looking for directions to make some fleece scarves, I had a site with directions but now it is unavailable. Would anyone please share the directions or a site?


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For a 'loopy' scarf, take (Adult) two pieces 60" x 16" of fleece. Fold lengthwise, cut to straighten. With right sides up, bring each long side to center and overlap about 1/2 inch. Sew down the center, securing the overlap. Place the two pieces, raw seams together and sew down the middle again. Cut both long edges to within 1/2-1/4 of the seam at 1/2-3/4 inch interval to form the fringe. Makes a full boa.

You can also do this with two or three pieces 60 x 8-9 inches. Sew the pieces together in the center and cut fringe. Pull on the pieces of fringe and they will curl, THAT IS, IF YOU HAVE CUT THE LENGTH OF THE PIECES ON THE CROSS GRAIN, NOT WITH THE GRAIN (selvege). Also, be sure that the bottom and top piece are right side to the outside.

Childrens length would be maybe 50 inches and only 12 inches for the folded or 6-7 for the single layer.

Hope this makes sense.

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