Repairing vintage colored light for silver Christmas tree

linnea56December 11, 2011

It's the kind of light wheel that rotates in front of a bulb, to cast colored light over a 1960's era silver tree. A friend bought one on Ebay, but the red light window is faded. He showed it to me, asking what can be done. I tested some glass paint, but the surface of the very very thin plastic is textured, like a waffle. The glass paint would sink into the texture, I'm sure. I took a quick look online for clear red acrylic sheet, but got a bunch of incorrect hits.

Here's a different one:;hash=item27c108e508

I had no idea where to post this question. But thought that someone might know where I could get a thin sheet of red plastic. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Also you can google red acrylic sheet and a bunch of websites will popup.

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Might try a light coat of red nail polish, I coated a lightbulb that was too bright with it in college so my roommate could sleep while I was studying! Jan

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You can buy the wheels separately on ebay. But if you want to send me your address I'm at I have an extra one after I broke the light last year. I would also expect a picture of your tree once it's up and running!

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