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amberscuDecember 22, 2008

With less than 2 days left, I was just wondering if everyone as their Christmas crafts/gifts finished?

All I have left is to make a cake for my dad and make my sister's dogs something from my girls. I thought I would never see the light!! I was very productive this past week!!

Last year, I made a quilt for my grandmother and was finishing it up Christmas Eve with about 10 minutes to spare!

I always say I am going to start early but, that never seems to be the case! Beween craft shows and the girls, I am lucky to get finished on time!!

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Heck no, I'm not finished! But I'm going to save myself a whole lot of time and trouble by gift bagging everything except for some of the grand kid's stuff. They like ripping through the paper and don't care if its not a beautiful wrapping job.

Then there's the cooking and cleaning. All the important stuff gets done, so I'm not too worried at this point. I figure I'll get a whole lot more done tomorrow if I get to bed in the next 10 minutes. :)

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Nope...and I'm going to need every single minute that's left....

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Yup! All done as of Sunday. That is when I wrapped the last gift and put it under the tree. The kids were with their dad this weekend so it gave me time alone to finish everything up. Yeah! Now other than delivering everyone else's last minute gifts along with all the other mail this week I can relax and enjoy:)

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5 gifts left to wrap & some cleaning, this sooty stuff form fire just won't go away!! Merry Christmas Everybody!! Hope you all get to be with loved ones! Say a special prayer for all the guys & gals in the service & their families, so hard on them this time of year!!Bedtime!! Jan

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Finished?...I'm never finished! Hahaha LOLOL...Lately I can't keep up with all my crafting supplies, so there's a dozen or so projects floating around the house, half I've forgotten what I was doing :D
Santa needs to bring me a new house with a couple rooms to myself! :D

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is that the same thing as quitting?

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ALL MOST DONE.. lol LOL LOL ARE YOU KIDDING, Is it Christmas Eve yet??????? Hummmmmmm.. lets see, oh yea, I have to get that, and oh my gosh, I forgot that.. whoa is me, I am never done.. and yeppers I need a room all to myself and my stuff.. and I just keep getting more stuff, cause you guys have such great Ideas that I have to try them and so I go get all this stuff to make more stuff.. It is just a never ending thing.. But I love it.. between my crafts and my on line auctions stuff.. Son said " Mom, where are you going to put all your stuff" Hummm.. maybe he will build me a nice Log Cabin like Lev's hubby did.. that is what I am working for... LOL

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Oops, I forgot abut the cooking and the cleaning! I am not having company so there is not much cleaning for me besides the everyday things.

I am cooking for the family to take to my aunt's house. She isn't able to do the cooking any longer and I just don't have to room in my small house.

I usually take January off from crafting and then start back up in February. This is the first year I have been finished so early!

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Well, I've gone through my list of foods I wanted to have prepared ahead of time... some of them will just have to wait until Christmas Day! :0
We have a few friends and family coming over for finger foods and drinks and just hanging around. No set times.. just drink, graze, and play games all day long. People will be coming and going so I'll let people help me when we need to make a batch of something. :)

Tomorrow I'll work on those foods that need to sit ahead of time.. then I'll concentrate on cleaning and wrapping. (I mean bagging) :)

What doesn't get done ..just doesn't get done. No one is going to die over it, including me.

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Christmas!!!

I promise to take some pictures and post them. You guys here and those over at the Christmas and Holiday forum have been such and inspiration to me!

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