recipe: looking for: easiest way to make caramel apples

tresbelle3October 13, 2003

Would a mix be easier than melting caramels? We are making them for my son's class Halloween party at school and we have a small electric coil burner that you plug in. I can bring in a saucepan and am wondering if any of you have done this (esp. w/kids) if those mixes are easier? Any thoughts? Thanks!! :)

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If you have your heart set on dipping the apples, you won't want to try this. But for fall festivals at my church, we've sectioned the apples, then put them in a dish with the caramel on the side. Use one of those metal apple thingys that removes the core & cuts the sections at the same time. We've melted the caramels in a crockpot - takes a while, so you have to plan ahead. My sister is able to buy caramel in big slabs (4 or 8 lbs., I forget) at a craft store (dare I name it? - Ben Franklin) where she lives. That would save unwrapping the caramels. I prefer the taste of real caramels to the caramel dip you find next to the apples at the grocery store.

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I like the taste of real caramels & the only work is unwrapping them but if you could get the slab kind it would help.

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Well I dont know if they have this in the stores still but as a kid in the 70's they sold a kit that came wih 8 or 10 disc of caramel (looked like a piece of bologna) the sticks were included you wrapped the apple with a disc stuck with a stick and I think baked.....Now thats EASY!!!!!!!!LOL

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