LOOKING for: Freezing Angel Food Cake

TobyTOctober 2, 2003

I promised my daughter that I would make an angel food cake for one of our Thanksgiving deserts. I have never made one in advance and frozen it. Does anyone have any experience with doing this? It would be a scratch cake if that makes any difference.

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Toby, I make Angel Food from scratch and I tried to freeze one this summer I didn't care for it. It seemed to absorb moisture . Also, I had it wrapped really, really well in plastic but it still picked up that "freezer" taste. Other cakes freeze so nicely I thought it would work.


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Thanks Marilyn. I freeze other cakes and brownies and breads, but something made me think that it just might not work with angel food cake. I'm so pleased to have learned from your experience.

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You are welcome Toby! Good luck.


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