What gauge of wire for ornament hangers?

joobeeDecember 21, 2008

What gauge of wire would be best for the S-shaped

decorative ornament hangers?

I need to be able to shape it into a curly S and I

would like for it to be sturdy enough to hang

ornaments without pulling out of shape.



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I made a candy cane with 20 gauge tonight & it was green floral wire & it is pretty stiff but would depend on how heavy your ornaments are. I think to be safe better to get 18 gauge, that is what I use as stem on flowers & can shape way you want & they won't get out of shape. Probably can get it in the green but don't know if in gold. Maybe on those paddles. Jan

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I used 18 gauge, it works great. As a matter of fact....I totally forgot I made those hangers til yesterday morning!! It immediately made me so tired to think about it!! I spent a few hours putting them on the tree, and they are the perfect for any kind of weight, but a little small. Some of my ornaments are heavier glass. If you want the ornament hanger to be seen as part of the tree decorations, I'd make them longer than the 5" I made mine. You can't see most of them. I didn't have my tree up when I started making mine, and did them the size stated on the sites I saw.
Oh, and I curled the ends with my small needle-nose pliers BEFORE I shaped the wire around into an "S" shape. Use something round to wrap it around for your "S" shape, I used paint pens, a screwdriver handle, paint brush handle, just find something the size you like, this makes it faster and keeps the shape uniform on each one.

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18 gauge it is!
I am not making them for this years tree, but next year
I am replacing all those nasty bent up hooks that have
been on the ornies for years. My tree is very short
needled so I will try the 5" first then graduate up until
they can be seen.
Thanks for the advise.


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