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grandma_bonnieDecember 12, 2008

Started off with the Farmer's Market - last one of the year on Fridays - there isn't any more produce... Poor sales - only $45. Went to the bank - I always do my depositing thru the machine. Went inside for change and sold $60 in Weinie Washers! lol Told them I would be back on Mondy or Tuesday if they needed more. I have a first time show at a truck stop near King City CA tomorrow - storm is coming in but should hold off 'till tomorrow night. Hoping for no rain as we will be outside. Then the last show of the year will be on Sunday in Santa Margarita(indoors). I'm pooped. I made 45 more weinie washers this afternoon to have enough for this week-end. After catching up on a few things, I can relax...

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Wow!! Don't know how you do it. Weather sounds like it will be long seige of rain, thurs only dry day & then again next weekend! Ugh! I haven't done my shopping for GKs yet. Hope you get through Sun. without rain as it will cut down on shoppers. Good Luck! Jan

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What are weinie washers? sounds like you are doing pretty good with shows. Craft shows here are mostly slow this year.

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A weiner washer is a bar of soap with a hole in it. lol I think I do well at the shows as I only sell one thing for Christmas (my popcorn snowmen and they're really reasonable $2) Everything else are gifts to buy for Christmas - Useful gifts that are unique and low in price. I've had women at my shows who don't make their booth rent - they're selling little Christmas items and they're sitting behind their tables reading a book, talking on the phone, visiting, with their arms crossed waiting - waiting for someone to buy their items - it doesn't work that way... It's a business - the customer wants to be buy from a few vendors - only a few as money is tight - they want to spend with their new "friends" - I saw a gal with really old looking shoes _ I said "those must be really compfortable..." started the conversation... Yes, I got a $70 sale... she bought a lot considering my highest priced item is $6.00. Sorry - getting off my soap box now. People are at the shows to buy something - it might as well be you. They don't have a lot of extra $$$, but they're there for something unusual. AND make sure you have your business cards with you - I am getting phone calls during the week and getting more orders.
Keeping my fingers crossed for the weather to hold up this last week-end... Sunday I have made arrangements to have people manning umbrellas and helping with packages if it is raining...

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winey washer, that is funny. Maybe 20 years ago I crocheted some spider chasers. Fits over a broom end with a big pom pom on it....well one of the customers, started laughing and asked if I would make some to order and with even tassels on the end. It seems she had been to New Orleans and saw some male strippers wearing an item that looked like the spider chasers. So I ended up making a bunch of them, custom order by size and color, with a chain tie on each end to go around the waist. Made one that was 'candy stripped'. She sold them to a lot of ladies at work.

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hahaha - how funny - I always have to carry some sort of gag gift... This is just a new poem to go with an old joke of mine - the Christmas poem reads
Ho ho ho, said Santa - Look what I have for you
A washer for your weiner so it will look brand new
Mrs. Claus made it special, she knew you'd wear it well
'Cause where you've had that weiner, no one can really tell
So next time you take a bath, make sure you wah it cleaner
"cause there's nothing more disgusting than a dirty grimy weiner
This is written by lilpeach from VOY forum and if you use it, please include her as the artist who created the poem.
Last show today - hope I have have fun - I know most of the vendors and we can jhave a party if it's slow...

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How did you do, Grandma Bonnie?

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Grandmabonnie, I know what you mean about talking to the people at the shows.. I always would get into a conversation with the customers.. and if I did not make a sale at that moment, they usually would come back later and buy something.. and I think it is always good to have several items for sale and some good prices.. I am like you about telling folks that either they have a pretty shirt on , or what ever I can say to them to get them to stop and chat.. I do that even in my everyday work..and it pays off.. Last month I sold over 46 F-150s to other dealerships and made my owner a ton of money.. and myself also.. just have to learn how to talk to the other people at the other dealerships... I love crafts and love to make things.. so I know when I ever chose to retire, I can make a pretty good living doing the flea markets, etc.. Since I am putting grandson thru a private school and cost .. wow.. a ton each month.. I think I will either be working or doing a lot of crafts and flea markets..LOL
But I have not complaints.. he is well worth it ..
I love the poem for the weiner washers.. that is so funny..
thanks for sharing..

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