Cute Button Star

enjoyingspringDecember 11, 2009

A friend of mine bought this cute button star at a craft sale. It is made of just wire and buttons.

Has anyone ever made one of these, do you have any instructions.

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I could probably figure it out if there was a pic. GF & I have been doing Cone xmas trees with antique buttons & make some bracelets like Cherry makes. I just found a pattern for crocheted cone xmas tree, it is quite involved but I saw it for sale in a shop(not sure it was same 1) small 1 was $25.about 15 in. tall. Large was $35 about 18 in. tall,but I liked smaller 1 better it was Red Heart Multi yarn, 4 ply & had"branches" ending in picots about every 5 in.Had lights going all through it & cranberry irridecent berry beads was only other decoration. Pattern I copied off Internet is 6 pages long tho kind of spaced out. This button star sounds much easier. Oh, Is there 1 wire through buttons or 2? Are buttons 2 or 4 hole? Or are they buttons with shank on back? That would help a lot. Also do you see large lengths of wire in front or back of star. Easiest way to do 1, I think, would be a 6 point star where you make 2 triangles & wire them together. Like the barbwire star in Country Woman magazine a few months ago. Jan

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No, I didn't take a picture of it. I think buttons were 2 hold. It was about 3 inches round.

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Someone on another forum found a picture of the stars I am talking about. The only difference is the one I saw was held together with wire and the the buttons were antique gold.

Here is a link that might be useful: Button Star

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Just use that picture and give it a try with your wire. When I first read your question, I envisioned just stringing shank type buttons onto a wire, then bending it in a star shape--not sure if that would work or not. I also think you could cut out a styrofoam or even a cardboard star shape and then glue buttons on it the way allot of the button wreaths are made. Have fun experimenting, and hope you will post pics of your results.


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check out how these button coasters are stitched together.
maybe it will give you an idea for your stars.

Here is a link that might be useful: button coasters

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