RECIPE: Meringue Pie Failure

silverado2312October 28, 2013

Calling for all meringue pie topping pros!!

I made a coconut cream pie on Sat. and the meringue was weeping within 2 hours of coming out of the oven. Not to mention the fact that it was totally flattened. Totally messed up the pie.
Here is what I did:
Whipped meringue, eggs at room temp. using about 3T of sugar per egg white.
pre baked crust
cooked custard pie filling

Timed it so that I was pulling the crust out of the oven and finished cooking the filling so I could place the meringue on a HOT pie. Theory is that hot filling will help set meringue. Right? Baked meringue topped pie for about 14 minutes at 325.

What do I need to do to get a successful meringue topped pie?

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Check with the Cooking forum. This forum doesn't get a lot of traffic and all the serious cooks hang out in Cooking.

Here is a link that might be useful: cooking

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Thanks Sushipup, I'll search over there! bj

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You may have used too much sugar. Most of my recipes call for about 1/4 cup for the entire meringue. Also, pour it into the egg whites very, v e r r y slowly.

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Like Carolyn said, might be way too much sugar. Also, I'm wondering if you whipped the egg whites long enough. They need to be really stiff.

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Also you really need to push the meringue into the crust so that the filling is completely covered, moisture from filling might cause it to weep. My 1st thought was too much sugar & it has to trickle in as your mixer is going. Totally flattened might mean a humid day. Can't make candy with egg whites on a rainy or damp day. I've had the egg whites seem to be OK but then fall flat before I could mix it in with the syrup. I think they use a stabilizer in bakeries so it doesn't fall.

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