The start of an antler craft ~

toomuchglassDecember 28, 2007

I'm forever asking people for antlers . I just think they are just an awesome part of nature. I Asked my neighbor (who hunts) if he had any spares - and he gave me this pair. They have been laying in the woods forever ...they've actually changed from antlers - to a light "wood" feel . Really dry & porous. So this is my start of a project. I coated them with varnish ,bought yarn that looks like brown suede and started wrapping them . Now the thinking begins. It's going to be a wall hanging for me. I Have tons of doo dads - I just want to get myself to think out of the box and do something artsy fartsy for once ! LOL

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sorry have no ideas for you, but you sure are thinking outside of the box! will be fun to watch what you come up with.
Happy Crafting

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I did a google search for 'deer antler home accessories' and found some eye candy. I really like the clock hanging from the antlers, and looks like you have the perfect pair to make it. Enjoy!

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FlamingO in AR

Oh, those are great sheds! I'll be interested to see what you come up with.

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Here's a really neat web site with antler baskets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wicker Woman antler baskets

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