How to repair snowglobes?

monicatxDecember 11, 2004

How do you get a snowglobe apart? I have two old ones that the water looks terrible. They are not valuable and I would like to try and repair them. But first I need to get the globe off the wood and/or plastic base. Any ideas?

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I just got a catalog from Martha stewart she has snow dome kits you can buy.

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Thanks, bulldinkie, but I really want to learn how take make these. I have a couple of older ones that I really like, but are not worth anything, so I thought they'd be good to experiment with. Thanks for your reply.

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Monica - there are so many different construction methods for snowglobes, all the way from glass globes on nice wooden bases, all the way down to dollar-store plastic ones.

I think you'll just have to study the construction, then carefully try to get the globe off. Probably it is glued on (if it isn't a glass globe). I doubt that you could find just the right solvent for the glue, so you may have to just try to chip the glue off. Gentle heat (in a gas oven with the pilot on), may soften the glue.

Or if it is one of the two-part plastic globes, you may be able to pry it apart at the seam.

Good luck!

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Hi, I have the same problem, I have a snowglobe with dirty water. I don't understand how can I heat it without brake it. My snowglobe is made of glass. Thanks a lot.

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