Snowman Table

iowagirl2006December 30, 2007

The "Aleene's" post got me to thinking about one of my favorite projects.

This was from the old Creative Living magazine that Aleene's put out years ago.

I always wished I had the talent to really paint - and this fit the bill. I could sponge on the snowmen and trees and draw squiggly lines around them with a sharpie - that is the extent of my talent! LOL

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OMG the table is so cute! always wanted to make one for my GKs kinda late now only one of them could use it, and will be awhile for the GGKs I hope! never thought to use one of those cheap tables and cutting the legs down to the right size, you can find them at yard sales or even in the stores pretty cheap! maybe I will try one of those, I think you did a great job of painting the table! gosh I feel like I missed out not watching Aleenes, wonder how I missed it, must have been those 20 years of raiseing kids and working full time!
Happy Crafting

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Oddie - that is a scan from the magazine, but my table turned out exactly the same. I remember being so tickled that it turned out so nice! It was a fun easy project that had great results.

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Sorry! guess thats what happens when I try to read to fast! but yours turned out just as cute so it still applies !
Thanks for shareing

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What a great project idea! Not just that it is so cute, but by using that type of table it would be easy to store away after the holidays since the legs just unscrew to come off.

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