Small Crocheted Christmas Wreaths.

ivamaeDecember 21, 2009

Is anyone familiar with little white crocheted wreaths that are crocheted over about 3 inch little metal rings and decorated up - not on the wreath itself, but hanging from it? I saw it someplace and was sure I printed it off but if I did, I put it someplace really safe, as I don't seem to have it now. I've googled some and may have even saw it on this form. I'd really like to find it.

You guys are great for helping, so maybe you can this time as well.

I'm also loking for any ideas of doing crafts with baby food jars. This year I made some Santa's with little knit hats and googly eyes, beard, etc and filled with Christmas candy. Also filled some with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows, attaching a candy cane for stirring. Made a few little gardens as well with little flowers anchored in an upside down jar with a little doily on the bottom. They were all cute. Got all these ideas off the net but would like some more for next year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas season


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I got a very nice scented potpouri in a baby food jar covered with small crocheted doily that had 1/8 or 1/4 in. satin ribbon running through the doily to hold it on, I think there was a small piece of netting under the doily so it wouldn't let the contents spill out. tied ribbon ends in nice bow. it lasted a long time in my bathroom. Jan

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I did find it. I have used Photo Bucket before but can't figure it out now. I tried Tinypic and it keeps being rejected as I don't know which code to use. Can someone tell me or make suggestions, please. When I get the right code does it go in the message part or the Optional Link Url

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Ivamae, use the third line down in photobucket, the line that says html, I think. I know I used the third line last night!


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