angel hair

corky1December 6, 2006

I've checked quite a few craft store but haven't found where to buy Angel Hair for my Christmas display. Has anyone seen it in a store lately or am I, as usual, living in the past.

Thanks : )

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Here is a link to a website that sells Angel Hair - copy and paste if need be -- Sal

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Sal, Just have to compliment you--you are one of the most helpful people ever. Always willing to look things up and post links for us--and you're also very lavish with your praise--thank you. Luvs

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Thank you very much Luvs. I do like to help people if I can. I had that website on my favorites so it was easy. And -- when I have praised on the forums, I only speak the truth for the things I've seen have truly impressed me.


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Thanks for the link and your responses : )

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That shop no longer stocks Angel Hair but I found it on and here:

Its' the old fashioned glass angel hair that you probably remember from childhood Christmases, not the plastic or wire type that's being sold online now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Angel Hair Christmas Decorations

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