Did you ever make these ???

toomuchglassDecember 28, 2004

Beaded Christmas Ornaments. They used to be popular long ago ... (and I'm sure ALOT cheaper ,too ) I'd love to make some - but boy --- I can't afford many ! I don't know what it is about these - I just think they are so pretty !!!

**** On the menu on the left side - go to Christmas - and click on the very last item -- "Mary Maxim Collector Ornaments" - that will take you to the page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mary Maxim Ornaments

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I thought you meant the styo balls with beads.
I had a separate tree last year for all the beaded ornaments I made last year. I think I posted some of them but they might be off the gallery by now. The ornament kits which usually sell for about 3.99 to 5.99 are now 1/2 off in most craft and Christmas departments.

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That cheap ? These were $11.99 each !!!!

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You think those are neat, here's some awesome ones. I found Cracker Box kits a few years ago, i've never ordered, but i love getting their catalog. Very inspiring!! I've also seen some in Herrshners catalogs.

Here's some pics of mine- I make beaded ornament covers, not the actual ornament. All of these covers can be taken off, and the ornament switched if it gets broken, or to just change colors. They are a labor of love, very inexpensive to make, but time consuming.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cracker Box Kits

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angie, those are really some of the most beautiful I've yet to see. Thanks so much for sharing. And how nice that they can be taken off.

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The ornament covers are beautiful!

Also called & order the cracker box catalog.
Not sure if I'll get any kits, but they look fantastic!


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angie...beads and beagles, eh?

sound like a nice life!

and yes, beading is a shockingly time-consuming process- but I tend to think I'm worth it.

by the way- the Cracker Box sits just outside of 'town' not 15 minutes from my folk's house-great shop, in real life- nice to see they're getting good press elsewhere...

though I think your 'shrugs' are nicer than a lot of their kits!

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Did you come up with the designs yourself or where they kits? If kits or patterns would you mind sharing where you got them?
I like all of them but the 1st & 3rd are my favorites!


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Angie are all their designs covers?

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Minnie, none of their designs are covers. They're all the satin ornaments- you put beads on a pin, and stick the pin in the ornament. Click on the link (in blue, at the bottom of my post above).

China- yeah, beads and beagles don't mix. Don't ever leave your bead boxes open!!

The pictures (imbeded in the post) are all mine. And i did all of those on my own, after doing following the directions for a different one. I got tired of their design pretty quick, and changed counts and stuff to come up w/ my own designs.

Glad you guys like them! If you have more q's you might have to email me, if i don't answer you back pretty quick, i don't hang around here too much (i'm a garden junk junkie!).

The first one (Green Giant) was the easiest to do, but everyone loves it the most. It was easy cuz the ladders are not embellished. The 3rd one i hate- i used irregular beads, hoping for a more textured look, but i'll never do that again. Forget the irregular beads (if you can look closely, it's the white ones, called silk beads cuz of the color- DON"T buy them!).

I cna't find the directions for theoriginal one online- i got it out of Bead and Button magazine. If you google for Beaded Ornament Covers you'll find all kinds of stuff- that's what i did when i started doing my own.

If you're into beading at all, these are really simple. You need to know the ladder stitch, and be able count beads (don't laugh, it gets hard! And it sucks when you have to recount them! I've figured out a trick for that tho.). Oh, you have to have time too. But total cost on these is about $5-$10 depending on the type of beads you use.

I'd be happy to send you directions and/or put together a kit if you would want. I dont' want to get sent to Disney here, so send me an email if you're interested.


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Angie, I would love directions for the bead covers.

I was bad & ordered the cracker box catalog, then was bader (bad again?) & ordered 2 kits!

The 2 guys that own the company are a riot to talk to, great senses of humor!


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Angie, maybe you could share a cover direction that you've made so we could try it.

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Minnie, i don't quite know what you mean by a cover direction?

I'll give you the basics, and all that you do to change designs is change the counts- of the beads, or the rows, or whatever.
But you have to email me directly, i'm not going to post it all here- it would be way too long.
I'll work on the directions this week, and this weekend, and should get them emailed out beginning of next week.


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Would you please send me patterns for your beaded ornament covers? I will send you my snail mail and be happy to pay for them. I've looked for some for a while. Yours are beautiful.
Posted Jan 2005
thank you Sorie6

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