LOOKING for: cookie contest

dian57October 18, 2009

I've been invited to participate in a cookie challenge. Not Christmas cookies, this is being held mid-November. Does anyone have a real knock-your-socks-off recipe they want to share?

The judges are all men, the bakers are all women. Not at all PC, but a consideration.


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Since I don't bake much anymore can't help BUT, I would glance thru Good Housekeeping, and other magazines you might have and look for something simple, but easy to make and melts in your mouth. Me, I love peanut butter, but I know alot of people are allergic. I also love walnut/maple or walnut/oatmeal. Those things from Sweden, Norway that you roll in power sugar are great. Maybe cookies from a foreign country--Italy, Mexico or even Canada. Good luck.

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I used to make an Austrian Linzer Cookie that was a real winner. Don't even know if I still have the recipe. It wasn't like the ones you usually see. It wound up strip type cookies with raspberry preserves down the center and crosswise strips of dough over them. I think you made them in a pan, then after they were baked, you cut them in strips. They were definitely cookies, not bars. It was always a big hit as are most Linzer Cookies. And I'm not prejudice, either - even though I'm half Austrian.

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These cookies are really good but maybe not the world's best. The men at our church really like them.

Here is a link that might be useful: World's Best Cookie

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