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grandma_bonnieDecember 20, 2008

Did the farmer's market today to end the shows this year. Did really well this year and am exhausted... A couple of comments - nothing new out there for the most part... Only two shows were stinkers and will not go back - it's called advertising - when it is lacking - forget it! I will post all my shows on the back of my business card again next year - even the last shows had people showing up from different areas for my wares buying more things. My business cards led to more sales between shows also - Now on to Christmas for my family! ...and after the new year, on to making more neck coolers for next summer....

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I know you are worn out Grandmabonnie, but you did great this year and all your hard work paid off.. I am so happy for you.. now time to rest, after you get those Christmas presents made..LOL I am still working on potato bags for family and friends.. Making all my drivers from work potato bags for Christmas.. just something to let them know I really am glad to have them.. they work hard for me. Made a Blanket snuglet and the only problem I had was with the opening for the sleeve.. I found that when doing the opening it may be better to make it a little smaller as I did the 9x6 oval and it was a little large for the sleeve even tho the sleeve was 30 x12 so I am reworking that angle.
Otherwise it is pretty cool looking..I am making kids ones now and I only am using two yards of fleece and you can make the sleeves a little smaller too..but remember to make the opening for the sleeve smaller too.. Finished up most of my Christmas shopping yesterday. just need to get some gift cards for Son and his wife.. Yahoo!!!!!!!!! if folks only knew how much I hate to shop..LOL next project is a crochet blanket for my neice's daughter who is having a baby in Feb.. a little girl and they are doing her room in purple and green.. Hummmmmmm so I am going to do the round blanket in shades of purple and green..making it sorta like a rainbow effect.. wish me luck..

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Huggy - each sleeve should be 24" x 30"! You cut off 24" from one end and cut that in half! need the 24" but the 30" is really too long for the sleeve length. I made the pattern for the sleeve 5.5" x 8.5" too - that way there is no ease. My 8 year old DGD is getting one out of a 2 yard piece - just the right size - if they are taller, you might want to get an extra 24" of fleece to make the sleeves (even a different color) Greeen and putple were my school colors! Think of laurel or grapes or a lavender bush! You'll do fine with the baby blanket!

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Grandma Bonnie, I have really enjoyed hearing about all the shows you did this year. And you are always so sweet about sharing ideas and how tos with everyone. Glad you can just concentrate on getting ready for Christmas with your own family now. You should smile when you think about how many people will be opening presents that contain the items you have made! Talk about spreading Christmas cheer! ;o) Luvs

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Awwwwww... ...what a sweet thought! I started crafting late in life and needed so much help back then... I am just paying it forward. I know all of you will do the same as I do ... I can't wait to start all over again... lol

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Is there a pattern that you are using for the snuglet? Sounds like something I need! Donna

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Okay Grandmabonnie.. so if you use two yards of fleece and what do you cut off for the sleeve.. and what is the oval for the cut out for the sleeve insertion..???? My brain is just not working lately... just to darn much going on.. I will save the one I made that the oval cut out was a little too large for myself, but I need to make 4 more kids using two yards of fleece.. Help.. my brain is fried...

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OK - there is a pattern - google snuglet for the pattern. Ok cut off the 24" and set aside to cut in half so you have 2 pieces 24"x30". on any print program, make an oval 5.5"x8.5" and cut out the center. Fold the rest of the fleece in half so it is 30" x 48" -MAKE SURE IF IT HAS A PATTERN, MAKE THE PATTERN RUN FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM... take a couple of rulers and measure so the oval will be centered 10" in from the fold and 12" down centered from the top. I use a marker to mark the inside of the oval and cut both openings at the same time. Look at the pattern for the snuglet to see what I mean on that. Sew the sleeves together RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER and pin to the openings RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER and sew in place. Tah duh!!! I finished the edges with my serger (rounding the corners) and shortened the sleeves about five inches... E-mail me if you need any other help...

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Last year I printed up my schedule and just had it on a small slip of paper on my table for people to pick up. Got to thinking they probably had no idea whose booth they got the paper from when they got home. This year I took your advice and printed it on stickers and affixed them to the back of my business cards. I definitely had people coming to shows just to find me - had several of them say so. I too am glad the season is over - my first one for 2009 is the end of March.
Holiday greetings to everyone on the board!

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Merry Christmas to you!
must rename you the queen of crafts seller! dont know how you do it, you make the selling part sound so easy, and of course your wonderful crafts do the rest!
TFS all that you do!

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Yeah, Arlene! Some say that you want them to buy right now - not later, but I've had people who think of other people to give things to - or they try my product, and decide to buy more for others... I did a small show (one of the last ones...) in a tiny town - my first customers were from 60 miles away! They had thought of other people to give gifts to! Having your business card is wonderful - you bet!!! but adding the schedule really has added to my sales!!! Oddie - I think we all gather here to get ideas and inspiration from each other - you are my hero as are the other gals here...

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We're just new at the craft fair business and I've learned a lot from you Grandma Bonnie. WE did fair this year and hope to do some more next year. Want to find some spring ones in Colo!!! Thank all of you for sharing your things you make. Merry Christmas.

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