LOOKING for: Anyone having a Cookie Exchange Party

eileen_launonenOctober 13, 2004

I just set the date for my 3rd annual party for December 16th my pre invitation date alerts went out in yesterdays mail!!!

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No, but I'd love to just drop by yours! How many people are coming & how many cookies are they suppoed to bring to exchange?

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We have around 15 women and they bring 10 dozen. We have festive type music drinks appetizers and all bring a wrapped ornament worth 10-15 dollars and every gets to go home with a ball for there tree...its great fun. My hubby goes down the road with the kids every year and eats with my father and I get the house to just me and my pals! I make sure y house is completely decorated so everyone gets into the spirit of the holiday season...it keeps growing every year,already I have 2 extras from my sister Corinne's work place..The more the merrier. I just ordered the invitations last night which Im happy with.
The picture is a BRATZ DOLL dressed in a Santa outfit and it reads "Hey You Christmas Cookie Diva's are you ready for Eileen's 3rd Annual Cookie Exchange.....

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I bet it's a blast!

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I'll bet it is too. Our office used to have a christmas cookie exchange every year, and it was my favorite christmas past time (and I don't enjoy Christmas very much). It was always a friendly contest as to who could bring the best cookies and wrap the ornament fanciest. LOL

The last couple of years, people stopped coming and those who did tended to buy cookies rather than make them. We finally just quit. Wish I were closer to Eileen, I'd try to wrangle an invitation.


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Any of you who like to come your more than welcome...if you could get here. I wonder if there a way we could do a cookie swap...hmmm by zip locking and mailing the week before christmas

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I've been to a few but most weren't worth the effort. My stuff was always the best (and that's not necesarily saying a lot.) Larry was always bummed when I got home with very mediocre cookies in exchange for the good ones I took.

Eileen, your exchange sounds like the exception. I'd love to go to one like you describe, or like Annie's office in the beginning.

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You know it depend on whos throwing the party...see im strict with my rules...No store bought no bars no candy no jigglers only from scratch I make them call at least 2 weeks previous and I donot allow any doubles no if and or buts! I also dont allow if the list starts getting with 1 of too many of the same ingredient like Peanut buuter kiss cookies and Peanut butter chocho late cookies I polietly ask the person to chhose a different one. No complaints they all show evry year and feed there faces and have a grand ol time! I hate to pat my self on the back but I start getting questioned through the summer abut if im having mine again!

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I've been having one for gosh 7 years or so now.
My rules are very unstrict.
I provide all the other munchies/food and drink.
I ask them to only bring 3-4 dozen each. They take whatever they know their families will eat. And I always end up with a ton of leftover bits! They also take bits of my munchies too.
I also make a few different batches of cookies.
I have a few that have never missed a single one.
I do it early December. This year the 10th. It makes me get my house ready for the holidays early, and creates less stress for me around Christmas.
It's like the 'kick off' to Christmas for all of us.
And I loooooooooove any excuse to try some new recipes, and us mommies enjoy the kid free relaxing environment.

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