Potholders on loom?

TexMexDecember 30, 2005

This weekend we cleaned out the storage, and my dd found one of my old potholder looms, and loops. She has been sitting here all afternoon working on potholders, and having a ball, but I can't for the life of me remember how to finish them off, to get them off the loom. LOL! Can someone help us out? I hope you know the kind of loom that I am talking about... the one that is a frame shape, with the little nail things sticking up all the way around it. You use the loops of nylon, and weave them through. I made tons of them when I was little, but haven't touched one in years, and just can't remember how to do it. Thanks for your help. Have a Great New Year! Tex

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I am going to try to explain so I hope you will understand. If not I will be going to storage (my basement) tomorrow and I will get the exact instructions out...if I can remember where they are.
You start at a corner and take one off at a time pulling it through the next one. Just keep doing that until you get to the end then it should almost be perfect!! You go in through the side and pull it back toward the other one. here are a few sites that have pictures of them....


The last one you can enlarge the picture. Good Luck!!

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Gordon, I think you explained it quite easily! I still have a couple of potholders my 43 year old DD made when she was 5~YIKES!

I've bought one of the looms for my GD and couldn't get her interested~how sad is that? Kids today!! :(


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Patty - I my DD has a loom and has made a few potholders, but I don't think the new looms work as good as the old.

It is funny though, if you shut off the TV and computer how much fun the looms and such can be!

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