some crafts that I've been working on

Cheri_CDecember 1, 2007

Here's some pics of some of the things I've been making. I've been having fun making the light boxes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas crafts

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Those all look so great !! Thanks for posting.

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Wow! is that at a craft booth or in your own home?? :) Everything is gorgeous,your tree is beautiful :) I especially liked the wreath with the birdsnest. The light boxes are all great:)

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OMG cheri, everything is just Beautiful! you sure go all out decorating for Christmas, are all iteams made by you? I love the wreath with the bird nest also, Beautiful!
Did you decorate your cabin? I beleive it was you, if so do you have photo of your cabin to share? agine everything is just beautiful! Love how you set up your photo, makes you feel like you are right there looking at all your beautiful crafts!
Thanks so much for shareing!

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Oddie, I had DH's family over last Sunday. And I've been working a lot with the holidays. So on Saturday I crafted all day and just about all night to get all my arrangements made for Sunday. I did have 4 of them done before I started. I made a total of 16 things.
I went out yesterday and hung my garland out in front of my cabin. I told Dh that I don't think I'm gonna decorate the inside of the cabin this year. I'm still trying to get the inside and outside done. Well have to see how much I get done.

Thanks everyone!!!

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Beautiful job!! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work!!

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Awesome!! You have done a great job!!

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Those are absolutely Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I make lots of those welcome light arrangements myself... But nothing as Perfect and Wonderful as yours are!!! You sure have talent!!! Donna

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Donna, You will have to post some pics of your boxes. I'm sure they are Beautiful!!!
Thanks for the compliment!!!

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