RECIPE: Berry pies with a cream cheese layer

organic_hedgehogOctober 4, 2009

Fashioned after a favorite of mine from Baker's Square: Lemon Supreme Pie. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar to taste (or Neufchatel for a lower fat version)over a prepared crust. Top with berry filling. Add whipped cream in decorative blobs or totally covering the berries. The cream cheese layer adds so much taste.

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I read your post, got up from my computer, went to the kitchen and created a dessert I've never made before.

Inspired by the cream cheese powdered sugar mixture and a few misc dessert cookbooks

here is what I ended up with.

1 brick of softened cream cheese (had it out to make some banana bread but ran out of time to do what I planned with it).

"some" 3/4 cup? maybe 1/2 cup? powder sugar

made 1/2 recipe for banana cream pie filling. which was flour, sugar, milk, (which made the pudding) then added egg yolks, then some butter and vanilla

cooled that, then added 3 sliced bananas.

whipped up some whip cream (heavy whipping cream, with a tad bit of powder sugar mixed in.

Then graham cracker crumbs, melted butter and brown sugar, mixed up.

spread about 3/4 of that out on the bottom of a square baking pan, pressed down firm.

Then spooned on a layer of the cream cheese, then the banana pudding mixture, then more crumbs, then more cream cheese mixture, toppped off with fresh whipped cream.

Should turn out to be like a banana cheesecake :)

I'll let you know in the morning how yummy it is.

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