I finally posted a picture

marylee_2010December 15, 2010

I have finally learned to post a picture. I did it under "new member" on the holidays forum. Some how I ended up with two copies when you enlarge it. Don't know how I managed to do that. I hope I can get better at it and post some more pictures. I really love to see everyone's handiwork.


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Hi Marylee,
I looked on Holidays & couldn't find your name. I wonder if you completed the posting. My DD has had to post pics for me or I emailed them to Kudzu when I 1st came on. Now I can't get them out of where DD put them. All I want for Christmas is a couple more computer lessons slow enough so I can write down what to do.LOL. Are you sure it was on Holidays? There is also a "Crafts" forum,not much happens there but I'll check & see if you are there. Jan

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I found you on Decorative & Tole painting! & if you go down the post (thread?) you can see her pic of sign that looks like birdhouse that she made for her DD (dear daughter) Jan

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Jan, Thank you for setting my directions straight. I had been working so long on this picture that I was going completely bonkers. I have posted another picture on the other site and it has taken me hours and I still can't do it right. I have multiple copies but I am not going to let this thing beat me. I will get it sooner or later.


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Good Luck posting pics! I got a couple on & can't even find my pics now. We got them on a "free agent" thing that plugs into computer but I can't find about 1/2 of them that are on it. Grandkids are way ahead of me! Jan

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