What to do with porcelain ornaments

valzone5December 12, 2008

I bought some plain off-white round porcelain ornaments at Michaels with the intention of stenciling some words on them. I tried to stencil using metallic paint, and the paint doesn't seem to want to adhere to the ornament.

Any idea where I am going wrong, and any ideas on what else I can do with them besides paint?


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Stickers might work, or those rub-on type letters.

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You would probably need to use the enamel paints for glass on them. Be sure to clean them with alcohol and try to keep fingerprints off the areas where you will be painting too. Luvs

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I got some ceramic paint at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas craft section. My daughter painted the Santa ornaments with it. The paint was $3.99 and 40% off with coupon. It contained black, yellow, 2 greens, red, blue, brown, and white. They turned out nice.

Or you can get the porcelain markers to write on them ornaments with. Michaels has the for $4.99 apiece. We made lie that last year for Christmas. You just bake them in the oven to "set" the finish.

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Listen to luvstocraft & be sure you use the alcohol & I put it on paper towel & rub well & then don't touch as oils from your fingers makes paint come off. Good Luck!! Jan

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At rubber stamp stores, you can get special stamping ink that will work on these ornaments also.

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Thanks for all of your suggestions! I'm heading back to Michaels.

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There is also a "glass medium" you can use so acrylic paint will "stick" to the ornament. Find it in the Decorative Paint section at Michael's. I use the Folk Art Brand. You paint it on the area you want to later paint on with the acrylic paint, let it dry (overnight is good) and use the acrylics. If you've put a little too much on and need to take some off in the areas you didn't paint with the acrylics, just use a Q-tip with some rubbing alcohol on it or scrape it off with your fingernail. Works great.


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Hey sal, thanks for the info on the glass medium, never knew anything like that was around, love painting on glass and dont like to have to buy all the different paints.

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