After Christmas sales

toomuchglassDecember 23, 2008

I hear that one word that just makes me crazy .....


Do you hit those sales ? 60% off ? 75% off? 90% off !!!

I'm going to try and refrain this year

( Famous last words)

Can you resist ???

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I act like I have never been shopping when I see the after Christmas clearance! It's almost embarrassing!! I try to get most of my gifts for the next year. That is about the only way I can afford things! A lot of times, I get gift cards to Walmart. I then go to the after Chrismtas sales and use my gift card. The gifts then cost me nothing. I couldn't buy for my hubby's family if I didn't do it this way.

Can you beat $20.00 gift sets for $2.00??? Then on top of that, all of the Chrsitmas crafts!!

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TMG....!!! I LOVE the sales, in fact, when I pulled the Christmas storage bins down, I could see we didn't need to buy gift wrap or gift boxes, or wired/or any kind of bags or tissue! I try to buy the white boxes for all occasions, and the solid color wrapping papers and tissues in any color that works all year! Plus I also check the yard sales after Christmas, so many military families moving, and I like to buy anything with beads, and all the leftover gift wrap stuff they have,and all the gifts they got for Christmas that they turn around and get rid of the week after Christmas! Now I'm rambling.....

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I was truly hoping the replies would discourage me from shopping the clearance sales ...... THEY DIDN'T !!!!
My willpower just went out the window ... I'll be out there with you scooping up the bargains !


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Toomuch, maybe I shouldn't tell you this but some places like Big Lots and Michael's are already having 50% to 70% off sales now! I stopped at Big Lots yesterday and bought garlands that had been $7.99 for half price, wide wired ribbon for $2.00, and some darling dishtowels with recipes and cookie cutters on them for only $1.25 each--they're being stashed away for neighbor gifts next year. I thought Michael's was pretty picked over and the more expensive things were still too high, will check back later for bigger reductions. Hard to pass up those kinds of savings, better than waiting until next year and paying full price. Luvs

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I stopped going to after xmas sales. It is so crowded out here that before xmas you spend 10 minutes driving around the parking lot trying to find a place to park & then inside it is a mad house. I can go shopping in my own house. I keep coming across stuff I didn't know I had. I need to put up a sign out front & open for business.LOL Jan

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In my head I am saying I will be good...but...I am at the same time emailing a girlfriend our "must go there" itinerary for Friday.....

"I will be good"

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I've never been to after Christmas sales.

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I would love to go, but I can't drive so I have
to wait until my husband takes me, he has to work
so I just wait. I wouldn't mind going with any of
you. Ha Ha

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I'm going to a Mervyns to check out their displays - it will be closing in a week and I can always use more displays...

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I hit Menards and Michaels yesterday...And boy did I buy...Fill my BIL's car trunk up....

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I have been to them all - Micheals, 2 Walmarts, BigLots, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar. I was looking mostly for Cookie type containers and dishes - also picked up those big 4" Christmas balls from Walmart - 6 in a package for $2.50. I have also been doing some online clearance shopping - mostly for rustic ornaments for my back porch woodsy/nature tree. As an extended family my sisters and I have decided to do all homemade gifts next year - kids are crafty also so I am getting some supplies in for all that stuff. Since I don't work and have the space I am setting up a craft room so anyone can come over and work on projects through-out the year - especially the children. Looking forward to getting back into crafting full time again. I have missed it due to some family deaths and illnesses and adjusting to a new life but it is time. I see some familiar faces from the Holiday forum so hopefully will fit in here also. Hope I haven't bored you with my rambling - but let me introduce myself - my name is Lynne and I am a craftaholic :) .....


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I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday. Thei stuff is still only 50% off. I'm going to have to have abetter sale than that to buy stuff that has set out all season.

I went to a different store and hit the 75% off sale. I bought 30 fabric tablecloths for a banquet for only $1.25 each. Then I also bought four in the same color, but different style for $.61 each. I bought 48 vanilla voltives for only $.07 each. The spools of curly ribbon for the balloons were a quarter each. Fall and Christmas florals were also on clearance. I got some $5 things marked down to a quarter.

I bought a few things for myself too. I found a 3' Santa that must have been a display for only $5. I bought a few flowers for dd's room and also some of the $1.25 and $.61 tablecloths in different colors so I can switch out after meals.

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Our HL was 66% off and boy did I

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Adellabedella, what fantastic bargains. You didn't mention what store had such great prices. I need some colored tablecloths, wonder if that store is in my area?


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Today I hit Dollar General and bought some Christmas decor marked 50%-75% off. I bought silver, and red tinsel-y garlands, and some metallic red bead garlands, to use in some Valentine crafts. While I was there I checked out the Valentine decor section, and bought a pack of red heart shaped paper doilies and white heart shaped paper doilies,20 per pack, for $1 a pack. I haven't gone anywhere else since Christmas!
I'll be making some cute St. Valentine's Day projects and posting them.

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