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Virginia7074September 29, 2003

Last night, I watched a show on Food Network about the Vermont Maple Festival in St. Alban's, VT. "Maple Buckeye" were mentioned & now I'm intrigued. I hail from Ohio, so Buckeyes are in my genes, but not maple Buckeyes. I've not found anything searching Google. I'm wondering if a copycat recipe for maple "Bun" candy bars could be tweaked, without the peanuts? I'm thinking 10X sugar, maple syrup & butter dipped in chocolate. Anyone got any ideas?

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You could play around with this one but it uses maple flavoring.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maple

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Virginia, Here are a couple of recipes that might work.

Maple Balls with Burbon and Pecans. I think that these sound wonderful.

Maple Cream Balls. These could probably be dipped in Chocolate as well.

maple peanut balls. Maybe these could be dipped in chocolate instead of the peanuts.


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Thx, Ginger & Ann. I checked out all & will experiment. (I'll probably have to leave the bourbon out of the maple balls, though, Ann, as I'm going to take them in to school for a teacher party - darn.)

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You're welcome!

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