Do you have a bed crown?

JamieFebruary 5, 2013

An extra wide ironing board for tablecloths?

Other wonderful things that I can vicariously enjoy?

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What is a bed crown?

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No bed crown here. I thought they were for little girls, but I bet they'd be beautiful for a large bed!

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No, but I would love to have a Miele rotary iron to iron my sheets and tablecloths. Anyone have a spare $2,000 to donate for the purchase?

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Only in my dreams of castles, knights, and of course dragons! But, I do have a four-poster bed with a crochet canopy, which is nothing more than a vintage bed 'topper' or could even be a table cloth. I've had it forever, and even have a gold one I change out to~the holes in the crochet secure it to the posts.

I'll be making a crown for my little GD out of a shelf similar, but longer, to the one pictured. My intent is to turn it upside down, and hot glue fabric to the shelf side. It's an 'open wood' design, so will be easy to secure with screws, rather than nails. I'm very excited to start this project, and still looking for bedding for her daybed. I'm looking for something solid ivory~my daughter thinks i'm nuts, but it *will* be washable.

Here is a link that might be useful: crown

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Here's several gorgeous bed crowns, or coronas, which is what they're really called. Many can be constructed~now i'm gonna take another look.............

Here is a link that might be useful: bed crowns

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I didn't know they sold ironing boards in anything other than the standard shape and size. This seems like a big untapped market to me! I'm not going to pay hundreds of dollars for one, but if they sold rectangle boards for the same price as the standard shaped boards, I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

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I do have an ironing board that is about 1 1/2 times the normal width. I sew and quilt so it really comes in handy when ironing drapes, etc. Only downside is that the cover is a mess and I can't find one to replace it. Looks like I will need to sew one. I would rather sew more fun items! Upside--I can make a pretty one that matches my sewing room.

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No bed crown, but I did have a half canopy bed as a child. It's a similar idea, but it's part of the bed, and it's squared off.

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I was thinking the coronas must have evolved from the half-canopies, almost as if they are the vestige of a canopy bed. I like the idea of an abstracted roof over the sleeper.

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I have 2 friends with rotary irons - both LOVE them.

I wouldn't mine a vintage bed crown in a guest bedrooom or daughter's room.

I've often wanted an extra wide ironing board. I don't iron very often, but when I do, it's usually a tablecloth or curtain panels.

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I just went to see what a rotary iron was. I pictured a hot, steamy hand mixer. But what I found is what I call a mangle. It looks like you have to fold your items before you rotary iron them -- is that right? Did you know you can get old ones for little money? The brand name is ironrite.

My search took me to a dyeing forum. Another interesting thing. How often have I wanted to dye a home decor thing and didn't dare.

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My husband built one for me and I covered it with padding and ironing board fabric. It fits over my ironing board. Love it for ironing larger items and quilting projects.

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Does anyone use a steamer instead of an iron? I recently bought a "My Little Steamer" (believe they may have originally been sold on Home Shopping Network, but they can be found elsewhere online), and love it. I've used it for everything from drapes to t-shirts and I don't think I'll ever go back to an iron again.

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Jamies, the older rotary irons are narrower and almost impossible to find replacement covers for, but the idea is very much the same as the new Miele ones.

SunnyCottage, have you tried using a steamer on a tablecloth or sheets? My experiences haven't been very good. If I try to use the steamer with the fabric on a horizontal surface, the steamer dribbles and I can't figure out a way to hang a large round tablecloth vertically so that I can steam it without creases.

Currently, I set up my ironing board beside the bed and use the bed to hold the ironed cloth/sheet as I do each section. So I iron a section, then go to the other side of the bed and pull the fabric toward me. It's really a pain.

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I hang most of my clothes to dry instead of putting them in the washer, and they go on hangers that I perch on the top of a long strip of molding that runs between my kitchen and breakfast area. Sounds odd, but it actually makes a very good "clothesline"! I have hung tablecloths this way, clipped to several hangers that are designed to hold pants, and this works well. I can then steam in an upright position and the steamer doesn't dribble. I haven't tried doing this on anything as large as a sheet though.

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funnygirl, now I have to make a larger top for my board! How does the top attach to the board to keep it from falling off or moving?

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C/loo, DH took strips of wood (approx. 1 x 1/2") and attached them to the underside of the plywood. They follow the shape of the ironing board so that it (ironing board) rests inside the framework. I hope that makes sense!

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Thanks Funnygirl, that was the method I assumed he used but just wanted to be sure. I intend to make myself one of these ASAP.

And you should put a pic of yours on pinterest because I searched all over the Net and couldn't find a single post or pic about someone making a homemade top like that.

I'm also looking forward to using Fun's idea of laying the freshly ironed part of a large item on the bed. Why didn't I ever think of that?

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Annie Deighnaugh

No bed crown, but I do have a sheepskin rug on the side of my bed. DH's grandmother always had one and I loved it as long as I can remember...I remember her when I walk on it. So soft and scrumptious on bare feet.

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I've used a table instead of a bed. Because it's slippery I don't have to tug, but the table is smaller than a bed and more ends up on the floor.

I wonder if the new steamers are more powerful than they used to be? I have one from the 80s and it works for small areas of wrinkling on clothes but it would really take a long time and a lot of refilling to do a large item.

Thanks everyone for the lovely conversation and ideas.

Sheepskin is such a luxe, isn't it? I can't walk through costco without blissing out. You can tell I never lived on a farm.

My dear MIL always had a mirror above her range, and now I realize my mother's closest aunt has one, too. I really wanted one in my new kitchen but opted for a bigger sheet of stainless because it was easier. I'll have to attach a mirror to it.

Pattycakes, your GD will love what you make her. And the sense of specialness will last her whole life. !!!

My ironing board cover is cotton with an irregular print on it, and it always fools me into thinking my drape or tablecloth is stained. I did the ironing when I was a kid, and it seems to me we had a teflon-y cover that was much better.

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No bed crown here, but SunnyCottage, I threw out my ironing board many years ago when I moved and the iron has not been used since or needed either. I love my steamer, a floor model. All my better clothing is hung to dry, and usually whatever I plan to wear for work needs only a brief touch up.

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