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levetaDecember 26, 2008

Did someone say on here that they get their pavers at Menardes? If so do they have them this time of yr?

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Yes, they are at Menards year round. If you live where its cold and snowy be prepared to dig them out of the snow. They keep them in the yard and just have one or two in the store for display.

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Thanks nodakgal. It's not going to be snowy at the one where we are going. I've never been there before. We are also going to harbor freights. Anythings good there to be on the look at for. I noticed on the internet add for menards they have the glass blocks for 3 something and get one free. Sounds like a good deal...

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I asked for the "snowman shaped pavers" at Menard's once. The guy thought I was nutso! Until I held it up and explained what I was doing with it - lol! He said it DID look like a snowman!!

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I bought 4 of them. Now to do something with them...

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leveta, be sure to post some pics of your pavers...

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