Recycled Vintage Maps-Hat Boxes

kudzukweenDecember 6, 2008

I posted this on trash to treasure,too. My sister gave me 2 hatboxes she found at a yard sale, she always finds great stuff. I decided I'd decoupage them and use them as a gift box, a gift in a gift! I'm going to make some cone coffee filter roses, and find a vintage looking luggage tag to finish it off. Oh, and add a cord handle.

Links and photos on my blog:D


Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Kudzu, I love your map hatboxes and the star is just awesome, I would love the have the directions for the rose.. that is soooo pretty.. How did you apply the map to the boxes and how did you make that star.. You have so much talent.. I love to see all your stuff..
I am so sorry about your finger and the staple, that had to be awful, I know what you mean about the grandkids.. once when I could not breath, my young grandson was able to call 911 and get me help.. I use to smoke than , that was the last day I ever had a smoke and that has been over 5 years ago.. He is so proud of me.. and tells everyone that he is the reason I quit.. and he is right, when I saw the look on his face when he thought he would lose his granny.. You take care of yourself and you are right to check you meds.. you could have some that are thinning you blood..

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Kudzu they are great...Step by step details

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Thanks so much,ya'll! You should've heard him telling his Mama all about it when she got home. I should mention he is only 5 years old,lol. He says Mama, MeMe had blood going and going and going :D We told him how good and brave he was..I'm just fine, I'll have to make another appointment, since my next one isn't for 3 months. And I totally forgot about the aspirin I take every day....
About the crafts, all the links are on my blog, but I will add them here.
The hat box was easy, I had HossFly measure the side so I could cut it out just the right size. I used my rotary cutter and mat that I used to use for making quilts,lol. For the lid and the bottom round parts, I just traced it and cut it out about half an inch bigger all around. I cut little snips in it like you would if you were sewing curves, and I used cheap white school glue mixed with enough water to make it smooth like paint.Glue on the top and bottom circles, then the side of the box, and the side of the lid. I didn't have to worry about the fit, because these boxes are made for covering in crafting. You can buy these papier mache hatboxes at places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels for about $5..that's the original price on the bottom of mine, but she paid .50.Try to smooth out all the air pockets, but I wouldn't worry about it too much, it all flattens out once it starts drying, it just might have a few wrinkles, which would be perfectly okay if you want an antique look. Then I used the water/glue mixture to paint it, like you would use Mod-Podge. I only used two coats on the hat boxes, it was plenty. Brown age spots showed up, but they pretty much go away once it dries. Also I sprayed it with a clear spray you can find by regular spray paint, about a dollar a can at WalMart. Two coats of that. The star pattern link is on my blog,too,but I'll add it here :D I cut out two stars, and one piece of white posterboard. I scored the posterboard according to the directions, then glued the map on one side, trimmed it, and glued the other side and trimmed it, then folded it along the scored lines. I happen to have a metal star just like it, so I took it off the wall and laid my paper star over it to dry. You could put something under the center of your star to hold it up a little while it dries.
The those are just GORGEOUS! I've never seen any more realistic in my life! I saw this on Martha Stewart, and the nice lady Cassie has the pattern there with directions. Of course you could buy the kits, or buy them ready made,too,from her site. I still don't have my green floral tape, so I haven't really made any yet, just that practice one with no tape on it.
star pattern

I made mine bigger, that's why I needed Hoss' math skills :D

Check links on my blog for more!

Here is a link that might be useful: cone coffee filter roses

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