Polymer Clay

RustyDecember 9, 2010

Hi, everyone.

I'm new to this forum,

I hang out on the cooking forum quite a lot.

And mostly lurk on the Garden Junk forum,

Also the Mosaic forum.

I posted this on the clay & ceramic forum,

Doesn't seem to be much going on there, at all.

So I am cross-posting my question here.

And hoping someone will read,

And answer a question I have.

I am wanting to make some Christmas ornaments with ploymer clay.

Not only is it not available within a 50 mile radius of me,

It is pretty expensive,

Especially if one is on a limited fixed income.

So I have been looking at recipes for making my own.

My questions is simply this:

Has anyone here tried it?

Do you have a recipe you prefer over others?

Is it harder, easier, whatever, to work with than the "real" stuff?

And most of all, how fragile is it?

Thanks for responding!



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Have you tried buying it on Ebay? When I was big into Polymer Clay a few years back I bought A LOT of it on ebay at very reasonable prices.
I don't know what your budget is so what was reasonable to me may not be to you.
Have you considered making cinnamon dough ornaments? They are quite easy and the smell lasts for years - I've got some that are going on 4 years now and are still quite fragrant.
You just use regular cookie cutters to cut them out, poke a hole near the top before you bake so you can add a hanger or a ribbon. I painted mine afterward, but you don't have to do that, there is no hard and fast rule.
If you punch Cinnamon Ornaments into google you will see some great images.
The recipe is super simple as well - 1 cup ground cinnamon
4 tablespoons white glue
3/4 to 1 cup water
NOT edible, obviously...lol.
I've done lots of work with Polymer clay, if you need further help or with the cinnamon ornaments, feel free to email me. I don't know if the average person can make Polymer Clay. Salt dough might work, though.
Hope this gets the idea juices flowing.
Suzan J

Here is a link that might be useful: Fairly Cheap Polymer Clay

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Thanks for the response, Susan.

As for ordering on Ebay, I really don't want a whole lot,
And of course it is much too late now for this Christmas.
I have a new Great Grandchild,
I'm wanting to make a special "1st Christmas" ornament for.
So I don't need much.
Unless it turns out to be a lot of fun,
Then I will want to do more for next year.

I've found several "recipes" for a polymer type clay on the 'net.
Some are called 'cold porcelain'.
I'm sure none are really the same as the purchased polymer.
I had hoped someone here would have 'played' with it a bit, and would have some ideas as to how breakable, etc, it might be.
I'm going to try mixing my first batch here in a little while.
Yes, I have made many cinnamon ornaments.
But the recipe I used, uses applesauce in place of the water.
I don't remember the exact proportions right now.


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Have you tried white bread clay? Google "white bread glue clay" and you will find a multitude of recipes. basically, it is plain bought white bread, crusts removed and mushed with elmers regular white glue until it forms a smooth clay. You can tint it, or paint the dried project. Whatever recipe you use, don't put in all the glue at once--put the bread and glue in a zip lock bag, squish out the excess air and knead away. Add more glue until you get a nice clay consistency. I made my first clay ornaments with this stuff years ago and they are still on my tree.

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I was also going to mention bread clay... I have so much fun with it... I'll have grandkids over on the 23rd and will bring it out again for them to create with (and they are teenagers!!!)

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