Inspired by Oddie Wine Bottle

kudzukweenDecember 28, 2007

I just loved the ones you made:) My former daughter in law gave me this champagne bottle,and I have another dark green wine bottle ready to make. I searched the stores I used to see the grapes wallpaper border and didn't find any yet. So I used this oval glittered flower from a greeting card,and used matching glitter glue around the edges. Small set back, the drill bit was too small for the lights,LOL!!! This I find out after an hour of drilling both bottles carefully:) So until I buy a larger glass bit, I have the lights coming out the top and hid it with a white and silver glittery bow. I'm giving this one back to her.

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Ohhhhhhh -- that is beautiful !!!!!! That's it ! I'm going to thave to start saving bottles ! LOL

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Oh Yes just Beautiful! love it! what a beautiful label you made, love your bow also, what a nice gift for your dil!
if you are still looking for grapes border or wallpaper maybe try discounted stores, since they are kinda out of fashion now, should be cheap in discounted bins, maybe find some other type you might like to use.
Maybe you can inlarge the hole on your other bottle by kinda going around in a circle with your bit till its larger, hubby cut the cord off one of mine and then hooked it back after I put the lights in, unless you know what you are doing I wouldnt advise you try it, dont need any fires!
I think you did a beautiful job! cant wait to see the next one!

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Guess what?? Went to a thrift store, got on my knees and dug through a bin and found wallpaper border with grapes on it! LOL......5 yards of it, for .15. I wasn't sure it would have grapes,so I only bought 1 roll, it still had the new label on it covering it, but I saw what looked like grape leaves and vines. I got lucky:)

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Yes you did get lucky! now cant wait to see your next wine bottle! you can use the left over for other crafts, I always look for the texture wallpaper in the bins, so much can be done with them !
Happy Crafting

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