Do soy candles burn faster???

mariendDecember 8, 2004

I lite a soy candle I bought at a craft show, and in just a short period of time, it almost burned down to nothing. Did I get a bad one, or what? Won't buy anymore regardless how safe they are for breathing. My other candles seem to last much longer

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As I understood them to work they were supposed to burn cleaner and at least as long as "regular" candles.


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I think they burn faster too. I really like them though.

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depends very much on the candlemaker-

the softer the wax, the faster it's going to burn...and I've found a lot of those soy candles are just short of mushy.

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I've had soy candles that lasted a very long time. Maybe it was just the scent I didn't like & wanted to get rid of that made it seem to take forever to burn them? LOL

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My favorite are soy ones.....and they are wonderful! Made locally, they are really scented and last a long time. My favorite one is cinnamon buns!!!!
Makes my house smell like a bakery!

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Hello, I'm new to this site(and i'm glad i found it) - so bare with me....I make "SOY" Candles & have since February of this year. I got rid of all my paraffin candles & burn strictly soy. I just opened my own business here at home & have my own website(i sell more then candles) - Soy is so much healthier for a person & I would love to share a story that one of my customers told me: she had to have someone come in her home(a professional)as her walls were turning black, he went up in her attic & her insulation & even the wood was black, needless to say it was from burning Paraffin candles - - he told her that it is worse in the winter time as Paraffin goes 'up' due to the cold & sticks; I couldn't believe my ears when she was telling me this story & always love to pass it on - as I have burned so many other candles - never soy(pretty scary) - the guy told her to burn nothing but Soy candles from now on....they had to do alot of work inside there house to get it back to normal. I love Home Interior candles(had 2 parties a yr)& since I'm a Seller & a Buyer on Ebay I sold them all on there. Well, I dont mean to 'scare' anyone on candles, that is not my intention....

Soy wax is derived from vegetables, 100% non-toxic, emits little to no soot, cleans up with soap & hot water, burns cool & 25% to 50% longer, burns completely, releases fragrances naturally, faster and longer, supports the American Farmer & is a renewable resource, & is environmentally safe!

For the past 10 yrs I have always wanted to make candles & when I came across 'Soy' I just had to do it - if some of you have never purchased a Soy candle just try one, you will definitely see the difference - and I agree, someone else mentioned that the homemade ones are much more better then the boughten ones.

Thanks for letting me tell my story! ~Carlena~

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Hi Carlena and Welcome!
I had bought a soy candle and your right it does burn alot cleaner but it did seem to burn quicker. I didn't time it so I can't say possitively that it did. I have also made my own paraffin candles, how do you make soy candles? You can't just by it at Michaels can you?

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I too make soy candles, I've been doing it for about 5 years.
My soy candles burn about 10 hours for every ounce of wax.

Unfortunately with the massive influx of soy candles hitting the market, the consumer isn't always getting the truth.
All soy waxes are not the same.

Oh and to the person who wants to know about Michaels wax.
It's very expensive and not the best quality.
I'd suggest that you find a few supplier close to you and try a few out, since you have already worked with paraffin.

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I got some from a lady at the KT...she makes them...the ones she sent burn much longer than any I've bought at the stores...and smell ten times better...


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I don't burn mine. I put mine over a warmer. They last forever and so does the scent.

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I bought a "Oatmeal Raisin Cookie" soy candle at JoAnn Fabric about a month ago and I am still using it. It is in a glass jar. I love the smell of it, makes everyone think I'm baking! :)

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I love making soy candles; however the soy wax I bought is too soft and doesnt burn long. Does anyone have any suggestions on a better type or brand of soy wax? I use NatureWax C-3, made out of vegetable.

Also, will having a thicker wick slow down burn of wax?

Thank you Carlena for your story. :0P

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Jessica, in my opinion the best soy wax is made by Enchanted Lites. I use the "original" container blend. This company is a part of the Bean Pod Co. (I've tested alot of straight soys, blends and a few veggies, even the C-3.)

A thicker wick? Do you mean dipped thicker or a "larger" wick?

Wicking is really the key to a proper burn.
All wicking is not the same, and it takes time to figure out the perfect wicking for the container and the wax..Also adding in the fragrance oil used and dyes(if using).
Hence why it takes lots of time to get it spot on.

I make double wicked soy candles that burn over 100 hours. THEY BURN FOREVER. It's all in the consumption rate of the wax in relation to the burn of the wick. I can take the same amount of wax and fragrance oil "recipe" and put it in a different shaped jar with one wick and the burn time is changed...

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I use a candle warmer instead burning my soy candles. They last and last and last.... and the fragrance remains just as strong from beginning to finish.

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Terri_pacnw's soy candles are wonderful!!!!!

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