Glass block crafts

imblessedDecember 5, 2006

Hi. I just joined today. I would like to make the glass blocks with the lights in them and I am wondering if anyone uses the acrylic blocks instead of glass. If so, where is the best place to purchase them? If not, where do you buy the glass?

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Welcome, welcome, welcome, so glad you joined and jumped right in. In this forum, at the top, do a search for "glass block lights." I'm positive you will find many posts on them. Never heard of the acrylic blocks. Otherwise, my sis did a few of the glass ones, and she got hers at places like Home Depot or other homebuilding centers/stores. Even in your web browser line - just type "glass block lights" and again, I'm sure several sites will come up for your look click on and look at.

Here is a site on HGTV that you can look at the glass blocks a lady did and had her work shown on the Carol Duval Craft Show. They certainly are lovely. Copy and paste the site to your web browswer line.


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Here's a source for the acrylic blocks, tho I am sure home centers carry them, too.

acrylic blocks

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