Have you ever used a bottle cutter ?

toomuchglassDecember 2, 2007

I tried once and gave up . The gals at the stained glass & mosaic forum didn't have much luck either. I was just curious if you ever tried one.

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Never have used one myself but awhile back I was checking out the bottle cutters and read where they said you have to go slow and go over and over the area being cut to get a nice cut, I have been wondering if you could use a ceramics tile cutting saw to cut bottles, hubby has one but he needs to fix something on the saw and we never got around to trying it yet, anyone know if the saw would work?

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YUp.way back in the 70's my daughters and I used one. Our results were not great. There is another way that you tie a waxed string around the bottle, light the string and it burns because of the wax and the bottle will break where the hot string is when you tap it. I THINK !! I'm not sure if glass cutters or repairmen will do one for you or not. The thiner the bottle, the easier to break. Good Luck !

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This site may be of interest to you

Here is a link that might be useful: Cutting Glass Bottle With String

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