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jazmynsmomSeptember 5, 2003

OK, my kitchen is a total mess. I've been trying to make chocolate shot glasses to fill with Chambord, DiSoronno, & Grand Marinier for a dinner party I'm hosting... and I can't figure it out. I tried freezing some teeny condiment cups and dipping the outside of them in some gently melted chocolate chips and refrigerating them... but I seem to be having some troubles getting them off the cup. If I pour hot water in the cup even momentarily, I get chocolate sludge... the whole mixture doesn't seem waxy enough... I have images of my guest's cups melting in their hands mid-toast and making an unholy mess... What's the secret?

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I have seen them made but only using candy molds called
"liquor cups." They are specially made for easy release.
You may wish to check the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Liquor cups

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If you don't have time to order the molds, what about just painting the inside of those little foil mini muffin liners with the chocolate, chilling it & then peeling away the liner?

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Or you could make your own molds by covering shot glasses with heavy duty foil, removing the glass, then lining the molds with the melted chocolate, then freezing. When hard, peel the foil away.

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Hi Jaz!

Look in your phone book under "candy making". I go to a candy-making shop that sells molds of all kinds, and the chocolate to make them with. I buy Mercken's chocolate, sold specifically for candy making. I prefer the "dark cocoa" flavor, even though it doesn't really taste like dark chocolate.

When is your dinner party?


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Dinner party is in 5 mins!

I figured it out. I coated the inside of those little 2 oz deli condiment cups. Two coats. Then I popped 'em in the freezer. Next time I'll perfect the chocolate part. I used 1/2 semi-sweet baking chocolate and 1/2 of that tab stuff they sell in a tub near produce for doing chocolate covered berries and such. I even did a nifty dessert I sort of made up. If it goes well, I'll post the recipe. If not, I'll pretend it never happened!

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Good thinking!

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Yum. It went well. I do see some room for improvement --- and my guests were kind enough to volunteer to be guinea pigs for the next go around.

Actually, Ginger, I was looking for those little foil cups, but our meager grocery stores only sell the cupcake-sized versions. So I bought some. The store deli actually gave me 150 condiment cups when I asked if they had the little version.

For dessert I whipped up all the heavy whipping cream I had (3 1/2 half pint cartons) and dumped in a big packet of instant vanilla pudding mix. I had coated the inside of the cupcake tins with chocolate, and popped 'em in the freezer. I peeled the foil away, piped the pudding stuff in, stuck a segment of one of those giant chocolate oranges in each cup, and stuck a bunch of sliced strawberries in the top. Then I put a little mint sprig in each. They were a big hit.

I put all the shotglasses on an elegant raised pie dish and put the following bottles on the table: Chambord, DiSorronno, Bailey's, and a frozen bottle of vanilla vodka. The vodka and Chambord were a hit. The other stuff remained untouched.

My only complaint was that the shot glasses were a bit thick-bottomed, and just a skotch too big and thick to elegantly pop into one's mouth... and everybody ended up with chocolate smudges on the tips of their noses... sigh... I'll get it better next time with the right kind of chocolate, and maybe an actual mold.

Thanks everybody for the input! It put me on the right track!

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Sounds really pretty. Enough vodka & nobody would care about the chocolate smudges, either!

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Jaz, I know I'm repeating myself but try to find a candy-making store near you. There's a wonderful little store near me (well, near my work) called "Jane's Cakes & Chocolates", it's a small place but crammed with all kinds of things for making candy in all kinds of shapes, as well as molds for cakes and cookies. Anyway, they sell a small booklet with instructions for making small chocolate candies. I was in the store last week and as I looked through the booklet, it showed a photo of the chocolate shot glasses you're looking for. So, there is probably a mold for it somewhere. I'll look for it next time I go to the store. In fact, I signed up to take their cake decorating class starting next month.

And, again, look for the Mercken's chocolate. It comes in small bags of large chips of many different flavors and colors. My favorite is the "cocoa dark". Every year at Christmas time, I melt a bag of chips, stir in toasted almonds and mini marshmallows, and pour into plastic molds. I give them as gifts, and everyone loves them.

Good luck! BTW, your dessert sounds wonderful!


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Check this website out. It's like ABC Distributing but they actually let you see the shipping costs before hand.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chocolate shot glasses

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I bought these recently at a site called plumparty.com.


Here is a link that might be useful: Chocolate Shot Glasses

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