LOOKING for: Frozen fruit and frozen yogurt bars

linnea56August 17, 2008

IÂd like a recipe for how to make my own. I have peaches in the freezer and more on the way. A lot are way too soft for making anything but puree.

For the frozen fruit bars I could just mix in sugar but there might be a better way like making a syrup base, as you do for some ice cream recipes. The sweetened peaches on their own freeze very hard and are not like commercial frozen fruit bars, which have a softer, "bite-able" consistency.

IÂd like to try yogurt too but wouldnÂt the yogurt separate?


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Here's a bunch of recipes. I hope you are not still waiting.

Here is a link that might be useful: frozen fruit bars

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I was wondering recently if a peach sorbet would be good...

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