Gift Baskets

evelyn_craftdivaDecember 13, 2006

Here are some of my gift baskets that I've been working on.

Chocolate Lovers

Coffee Lovers

Tea Lovers

It's A Boy

It's A Girl

I'm still planning on making "Friendship", "Cat Lover", "Dog Lover", "Sports Lover", "Old Age" and House Warming" ones. They won't be in time for Christmas but I hope to sell them all year round. In some I am incorporating some of my gag type items like the Sports Dammit Doll, Friendship seeds, Spools of Friendship, OTH Voodoo Dolls, Survival kits, etc. On the back of each one I am adding a laminated card with a poem or saying or something specific to the theme printed on it. As an example here is what I am using for the cat one.

Cat's Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray this cushy life to keep.

I pray for toys that look like mice,

And sofa cushions, soft and nice.

I pray for gourmet kitty snacks,

And someone nice to scratch my back,

For windowsills all warm and bright,

For shadows to explore at night.

I pray I'll always stay real cool

And keep the secret feline rule

To NEVER tell a human that

The world is really ruled by CATS!

Anyone have any other themed basket suggestions?TIA

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Great job!!

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Your baskets are wonderful! Bet you will do really well selling them. Love your kitty basket poem too. Thanks for letting us see them. Luvs

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Just wanted to jump in here and say your baskets are beautiful! and what ideas you have, Iam sure you will do well selling them, no suggestions I think you have it all covered

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Thanks Ginger, Luvs and Oddie for the nice comments! I really
appreciate it!!

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Fantastic baskets - I'll take 10 of those "CHOCOLATE" ones right now!!! The cat poem is excellent - that's my kitty, the "cushy life," - he's got it better than I do!!!


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Thanks Sal! Funny thing is that with all the chocolate lovers
like you out there you would think that I would have sold 1,
no such luck. I did however sell the tea lover one. Go figure!

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What fun! How about a gardner's basket, or an herb gardner's basket. Some Sweet Pea seeds, an "I'm out back" sign for the front door.

Great idea :)

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Great job with the baskets! How are you doing selling them?
I am new here to this site and so far I really like it

    Bookmark   March 3, 2007 at 10:13PM
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