potholder loops?

barbara52December 27, 2004


First posting to this forum... I usually hang out at Garden Junk/Trash to Treasure/Stained Glass and Mosaics.

Does anyone have a good on-line source for potholder loops? I'd like to get some for a friend's daughter. It has to be an on-line source because I'm outside the U.S.

Thanks for any suggestions. I checked a couple of sites but was hoping for some recommendations based on customer satisfaction.

Thanks again,


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Potholder loops - hmmm...

Usually when I sew a potholder, I just use a piece of bias binding to make the loop, either by twisting up a loop if the potholder is edged with bias, or just inserting the loop when sewing the edges together.

I've even (on occasion) used a plastic ring that is about 3/4" or 1" in diameter and stitched that to a corner or mid-width.

When I crochet a potholder, I just make a chain stitch loop at one corner.

What kind of potholders is she making? I didn't know you could buy just the loops separate! What material do you need the loops made of?

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Bet you are getting a good laugh by now on my response, Barbara. I got a private email from another reader who clued me in that you are looking for the loops used to make the whole potholders on a loom! LOL!! (I led a deprived childhood and never had one of those looms!!)

Anyway, are you looking for cotton, wool, or jersey loops? If you use Froogle to search, you'll find lots of US sources. Or are you looking for a source in Europe??

Link below is to Froogle. You can enter "jersey loops" as a phrase, or even "potholder loops" and get quite a few sources. Just play around with the words to suit your needs.

Then again, maybe someone knows of a good source and will post here!

Here is a link that might be useful: Froogle Search results

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Thanks, Red Confetti. Yes, I neglected to mention (!) -- I'm talking about the loops used on those little looms that many of us had as children. I still remember my old red metal one...
I'm sure I'll find a lot of options on the link you provided. A U.S. source is fine, as I can easily have them sent. Thanks again,

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Jane, thanks for your note. I responded and hit "reply" but it got bounced back!

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Oh the memories...the hours of fun I had making my mom, grandmother and aunt potholders with my little red loom. I tried to find one for my DGD for a Christmas gift but had no luck. Of course it was a week before Christmas when I decided I wanted to get her one. I have 2 of my potholders I made when I was 7. My Aunt sent them to me a couple of months ago she kept 1 for herself. She said she thought I might like to have them for sentimental reasons. I was thrilled.

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Glad to see you post barbara52. We need some new life to get this forum going again.

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Here you go, Theresa... if you buy from eBay, there are several of the old-fashioned looms up for sale...

Here is a link that might be useful: weaving loom, loops on eBay

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You had me going there for a minute red confetti, ha ha , I remember making those potholders when I was a kid, and kids made them for christmas for their aunts, It was the start of homemade gifts, they would squabble for hours over which colors to make. ha ha My that was good memories, my sons are in their 40's now.

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Haha I'm glad I checked back because I thought like you did, Red_Confetti! Now I understand! LOL

I bought 2 of the looms and quite a few loops several years ago. Don't remember what I did with them. I think I sold them on Ebay, but I plan to do quite a bit of decluttering in '05 and I might just run into them if they are still here.

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Oh the memories!!! I loved my red metal loom and couldn't possibly count the number of potholders I labored over :) Then I got older and couldn't see the point of making so many potholders. Now I am grown and want more ;-) I think I still have my loom because I couldn't bear to part with it, but feel confident I don't have loops.

I do remember seeing a plastic loom a while back. I am thinking Hobby Lobby or Michaels in the kids section where they have boxed kits.

Let us know if you find a winner from somewhere and the loops too! I'd love to make them again:)

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I am also looking for large bags of potholder loops. You can tie a bunch of them on the top of flip flops( like the balloons to make them look like flowers).Looking for red, black, gray and yellow (school bus yellow or golden rod). Thanks!

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I still have my red loom and some loops. Both of my daughters made these when they were growing up and I gave them some they had made that was still in a cabinet, they were so happy. We have got one granddaughter started making them now. I forgot where we picked up the loops, Wal Mart or Michaels, had to be from a craft place but it is still a good thing to make and make memories.

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I, too, thought the same as Red_Confetti and MaryAnnTX.
Whew! glad that got cleared up! from another one who had the loom 'a couple of months ago' (yeah, right!) :-)

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Seems to me that I remember cutting up little girls' stockings into loops for my loom. Never did like those stockings. Made ties for my hair from the feet. Just cut them into loops.

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Here are some websites that will direct you to loops and looms.

www.harrisville.com - has loops and looms - even wool loops
www.weavingloops.com - has loops and looms
www.liveandlearn.com - has wooden loom

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I just have been unpacking from our move...I have at least 2 big bags of multi colored loops...you pay the postage I will mail them to you...I donated a bunch of my craft and arts supplies to my childrens schools before we moved and I remember putting the loom in the box... so I have no loom and two big bags of the loops lol...And I'm not planning on making any pot holders any time soon...so if you would like these bags let me know...
I'm in Goldsboro NC.
"the ArtsyFartsymom in NC.

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Just pull up paradise fibers. They have cotton and wool loops in a variety of colors. Cotton are $5.95 which makes 2 potholders. They are VERY well made and always fit the loom. Have fun! Karen Dati

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