sweet.reverie - are you still out there?

bevangel_i_h8_h0uzzDecember 19, 2012

Hi - I was looking forward to following your building blog but there have been no new posts there since mid-October and nothing from you here on GW either, as least not as far as I can find.

I'm hoping that nothing is wrong... Hoping you're just so busy with building decisions and caring for your little ones that you haven't had time to post anything! If you get a free minute tho, would love to hear that all is going well with your build! And maybe see some pics!

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Yes still here! We are still waiting on the city to approve the building permit :( They lost some staff and then no one informed us that we had the wrong version of the BSA and kept moving our application to the bottom of the stack. We were going in and they were telling us everything was fine and it was not. So we figured out we have to sit and wait every time to talk to the head person for real answers. Very frustrating! Our loan is all approved, just waiting for the permit. Our builder guesses we will break ground the first of the year and I will be updating the blog and here! I am so ready to start!

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Good to know you're okay! Paperwork jams can be such a PITA. Fingers-crossed that you'll have smoother sailing from here on out.

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