Catnip Toys

joyce58December 6, 2011

I do craft shows and now have quite a few small ( good quality) catnip toys left over from my last show...Since I only do holiday shows, can I keep these toys (in an air tight bag) until my next group of shows...This may be next October...Will the catnip loose its potency in which case I will just give away to everyone I know who has a cat!


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Back in the days I had a cat, I always kept the catnip in the freezer. The stuff would keep for a while that way, but I don't think I ever had stuff last more than 6-8 months.

If you decide not to save them, you could always consider donating them to your local animal shelter.

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I think I will donating the toys as you suggest.

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What a nice idea
My thought was to ask a friend to sell them for you.
But the kitties at the shelter would love them!

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