Duct Tape Ornament

amberscuDecember 2, 2008

Okay, a little background! My BIL is obsessed with duct tape!! If you would cut your finger off, his reply would be, "A little duct tape will fix it!" Duct tape is the answer to any problem in his eyes!! Every year for Christmas I try to get some kind of duct tape themed gift. Well, he and my sister just got married this weekend and the family decided to give them ornaments for their 1st tree. I just had to go with this!

Is any tree complete without a duct tape ornament???

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Great!!! Bet they will be on every tree from now on! Grand idea!!!

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Excellent idea! I love to give fun gifts.

I think you should make some more. How about a gingerbread man and woman? You could dress them as a groom and a bride. A '2008' would be great along with a few stars.

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Personalize it for them with their names, wedding date and even a small pic of them on the other side for their first Christmas being married. Once you get going the possibilities or endless!!!

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You could make it a little bigger and give them a set of "coasters" for a christmas gift.

My grandaughter has made all her friends "wallets" with MY duct tape, everytimes she comes to spend the day or the night...LOL

I have to keep some on hand to keep her happy...LOL

Also at one time we found band-aids that were duct tape ones...at Walmart. Have you seen those. We bought a box of them for my daughter's grandfather in law...he uses it to fix everything...and we all tease him and give him duct tape things.


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This was fun to make! I got to give it to them on Sunday. They all laughed! I did also get them a really nice snowmen ornament that I put their names and '08 on. And, I got him a tool box that had DIY and had a drill, piece of chalk, and a roll of duct tape haning from it. I thought giving them ornaments was a great idea!! I remember having to buy for my first tree!

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